Quotes from Audio Hijack users

It's a rave. I adored the old version, I love the new and it is great that you can create something which becomes so important to people. Congratulations on it.

—William G.

It is a great upgrade, works like a charm, is incredibly powerful and much easier to use than the previous version. You have a killer app on your hands here.

—Erik V.

Love the update...AH has been an essential audio tool for me for years. The new look and feel is a surprising and welcome evolution.

—George F.

The new Audio HiJack is fantastic...Nice work, Rogue Amoebi.

—Jon S.

I love Audio Hijack 3. it is a masterwork of interface design.

—Douglas C.

Wow, the new UI looks super intuitive. Very well done.

Shun C.

The new version of Audio Hijack from @RogueAmoeba is sick. What a huge step forward. If you're a podcaster, it's time to upgrade.

Jeffrey S.

Extremely impressed with @RogueAmoeba's AudioHijack 3. Having fun exploring the power the pipeline system offers.

Jonathan M.

Knew I was going to love AH3 from the first bars of the soundtrack to the intro video. Nicely done.

David B-E.

Fantastic upgrade guys! So intuitive!

Simon B.

Audio Hijack 3 looks gorgeous (& so modular). Used predecessors >10yrs, invaluable Mac app. Props to @RogueAmoeba

Joby C.

The UI is so so good.


Instantly upgraded, awesome UI

Alexander W.

The new version of @RogueAmoeba Audio Hijack was a pleasant surprise. I don't use it often but when I do, it's invaluable.


I totally just upgraded. Audio Hijack is Super. Awesome.

Tim R.

The new Audio Hijack is the most exciting Mac app in ages. Super cool.

Raygan K.

Audiopeeps, let it be known that I <3 @rogueamoeba products, so useful, simple & cheap, and the new Hijack is aces.

Milt M.

Man, Audio Hijack 3 is slick!


Wow! Feels like a second Christmas. Thanks!


Audio Hijack is the best tool for skype recording, hands down. Helps with quality of podcast, the PC equivalents are inferior.


Oh MAN the new version of @RogueAmoeba's Audio Hijack is amazing. Great work guys!

Nate D.

I really just can't express how vital this app is for music production.

Josh M.

Great people and a terrific app.

Thadd W.

Congrats with the release of Audio Hijack 3! It's been a pleasure betatesting this gorgeous audio powerhouse! Brilliant app :)


Tried it, liked it: Impressive UI that manages to put power behind pretty.

J.C. Burns

Audio Hijack 3, a huge upgrade from @rogueamoeba is out - great to get audio from a Mac. That + Fission = :)


Really nice piece of software, great work!


Wow, the latest version of @rogueamoeba's Audio Hijack looks fantastic

Dan F.

Holy Sheep S#!)!! Just downloaded the AH3 upgrade and...WOW!!! Hats off to your developers for making a great product..GREATER!! Happy Customer!!

—Scott L.

Just download AH 3…WOW, now I can rock the tunes in my studio. Thanks folks!!

—Ron R.

The new version looks great!

—Chad K.

Well done guys you rock

—Oliver M.

Congrats! Looks terrific and THANKS SO MUCH for making the AU multiband compressor window big enough so that I can use it in Detail view and still see the top!

—Gerald S.