Quotes from Audio Hijack users

Audio Hijack has always worked like a charm, is one of the most configuable tools I’ve worked with. I can see the effort, care and job you put in every bit of the software you made. For me, it’s encouraging and inspiring to see your work. You are artists.

—Fran I.

This is as good a time as any to congratulate you and the team on an exceptional product. I love the _hell_ out of Hijack. I like apps that do things well, but I _love_ the ones that offer me a box of tools that I can use and apply creatively to a wide range of tasks.

Andy Ihnatko

Amazing update to Audio Hijack! The module session GUI is genius, smooth. Too many features to appreciate in this post!

Nicholas M.

Perfect end to the day: returning home and confirming that @RogueAmoeba Audio Hijack captured the entire radio stream of today's opera.

Andy Ihnatko

Audio Hijack is the greatest application ever.


I use Audio Hijack for all my podcast recording and it's spectacular! Well deserved!

Jeff H.

Really nice software, thank you! I bought a full version! Useful and clear interface. Audio Unit integration is killer.

—Alec M.


The new Audio Hijack is one of the best app redesigns I've seen in a while. Great UI

Travis W.

I just wanted to drop you and your team a small thank you note for creating and maintaining Audio Hijack. It is by far the most important tool to enable me to stream shows on Twitch with high audio quality, I am not sure you imagined it being used by a streamer like me but I could not be happier with it and recommend it everywhere. Viewers have been asking me to move to Windows for my streaming but then I tell them I can?t because Audio Hijack is Mac-only :) Take care, keep going!

—Richard L.

Geezus. You guys (men and women, not gender exclusive) really outdid yourselves. Kudos and gratitude.

—Richard H.

SO GOOD! Thank you for making software. Seriously.

—Rustin B.

Thanks! I recommend your product to anyone asking me if there is a really good audio recorder. I have tried at least 5 other products but none can compete with the ease of use and options offered by Audio Hijack. Five stars all the way!

—William M.

I just downloaded Audio Hijack 3. Holy $#!*! This app is amazing. I've only just begun to use it and I love it. Incredibly flexible and powerful.

—Al W.

Just a quick note to tell you how much we love and depend upon Audio Hijack. It is a key link in our audio chain for creating the national music program UnderCurrents heard on 149 noncommercial radio stations in the USA + New Zealand. The new modular approach is awesome, performance is rock-solid, and the audio quality, as always, is flawless.

—Gregg M.

You guys are brilliant! Keep it up please.

—Martin S.

You guys ROCK!!

—John R.

Just put me down for "AH3 Rocks!"

—Edward S.

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant! I have just used the new version and it makes recording and editing so much slicker.

—Jonathan H.

The new Audio Hijack is an outstanding product. The interface overhaul is stunningly useful.

Adam Curry

Thank you for creating such an easy to use and amazing product. I never expected such ease of use...I was euphoric for like 2 weeks after purchase just with amazement how genius and simple the interface is, how smooth it works :D Your product in my mind is probably the best and most useful peace of software that I've bought. Thank you thank you

—Rytis L.

I think your software is great. I was a musician who really wanted nothing to do with computers because of how un-intuitive everything seemed. Now, I'm in full control of my audio hardware and not tracking down version numbers or researching their incompatibilities..."it just works" and it also works for me and my recordings, analysis, experiments, ideas, germs, etc.


Still the best utility I've ever purchased.


@RogueAmoeba makes my life 1,000 times easier #AudioHijackProIsAGodsend

Joseph T.

Just used Audio Hijack on my Mac to record a Skype conf call. So slick. Amazing. Thanks, @RogueAmoeba! Worth every penny.

Nathan H.

Yep, you're right! It's grouse (that's Australian for "great"). I downloaded it. I tested it. I bought it.

—Nicholas A.

Thanks to you and the rest of the team responsible for Audio Hijack 3. It rules! It works in the most easily understandable way. It is fun to set the different sessions. I will be using it to record my podcast. I am very confident it has replaced my other solution for getting audio from Skype and my mic to GarageBand.

—Javier V.

I doff my hat to you guys. I'm a software developer and just wanted to pass along my compliments regarding the latest release of Audio Hijack - it's a great piece of software and I'm spreading the word about it. You rightfully deserve all the praises and awards coming to you.

—Rich S.

Hey team! I upgraded to AHP 3 yesterday, I am BLOWN AWAY! This upgrade is the most amazing upgrade I have seen in years from any software. The UI is absolutely wonderful and genius. I've struggled in the past with diagnosing problems while doing a podcast - spending hours trying to figure out what wasn't working and why, but this new UI solves ALL of those problems instantly!!!! I can see what is working and what isn't - this is incredible. THANK YOU!

—Mitch A.

I just want to say thank you, first and foremost, for making such a useful and easy to use audio app! I've started to use the new Audio Hijack more and more as a DAW. Which inspired me to send this message.

—Christian T.

Really nice new interface on @RogueAmoeba's Audio Hijack, now it really should be in every Mac audio user's toolkit pic.

Taras Y.

Sending kudos to the team at @RogueAmoeba for a great Audio Hijack 3 upgrade. Stoked for the new features.

Michael S.

Great work on Audio Hijack. It's like magic™.

Justin D.

Audio Hijack is a killer creative tool in combined iOS / OS X music improvisation scenarios, as it frees you up from a DAW…Truly excellent

—Dave F.

The new Audio Hijack is fantastic! Thanks for all the long hours and effort on your parts. Happy User

—Christopher J.

I just want say a HUGE thanks and congratulations for such an epic upgrade to AH. It's one of my all time fav softwares!

Divya M

Loving your work @RogueAmoeba Just upgraded to #audiohijack3 and it is absolutely brilliant. Great effort folks.

Malcolm C.

Audio Hijack 3 boasts a completely new interface, not just redesigned but re-conceptualized…The new interface is amazingly intuitive and makes building workflows fast, easy and fun.

Chuck La Tournous, RandomMaccess.com

[T]he advantages for old and new users are clear: more power, great flexibility, and less work for better results.

Glenn Fleishman, TidBITS.com

Audio Hijack 3 [is] my new favorite audio utility…It's the Mac audio utility I've been awaiting for a decade.

Jason Snell, SixColors.com

The new Audio Hijack looks fantastic; it uses a simple, easy to understand block-based interface that still delivers enormous capture, routing, filtering and archiving power for almost anything audio-related that might happen on your Mac.

Michael Rose, TUAW.com

This is one of those applications that isn't just a regular part of your toolbox, it's one that reminds you every time why it is just so much handier working on a Mac than a PC.

William Gallagher, MacNN.com

I have been a user of AudioHijack for a long time now, and I just wanted to say that I think the new version is absolutely brilliant! Has some features that I've been wanting for ages, and makes it even more a piece of software that I couldn't do without. Many thanks again, and keep up the great work!

—Luke H.

I have been using Audio Hijack for years. I just upgraded to Audio Hijack 3. I just wanted to let you know that you have hit this out of the park. The new interface is unbelievable. Thanks for one of the BEST products on the market.

—Bob P.

Just wanted to say Version 3 is perfect. Allows me to pre cue on Radio Logik and play my audio whilst recording and recording the mic on separate channel. Love it love it love it

—Mark S.

I love the new Audio Hijack 3. This is exactly what I was looking for for ages, to configure the audio processing chain in an intuitive way.

—Otto W.

Wow! Audio Hijack 3 is amazing upgrade. Used this sound recording app for 10 yrs but new interface reveals untapped power!

Steve O'C.

OMG the new #audiohijack3 is incredible! I love the "Ducking" capabilities. Here I go with easy narration of slideshows


This is how you design great software. Fan of @RogueAmoeba for years.

Ben W.

Finally got around to checking out Audio Hijack 3 by @RogueAmoeba…beautiful and very intuitive UI


New version of Audio Hijack from @RogueAmoeba looks awesome!

Ian B.

I've used Audio Jack Pro for a few years. I have just moved to Audio Jack 3. I'm astonished, really. So much work and such an intelligent rebuild of this tool I use very often. First: Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks! Second: Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations Third: Carry on, carry on, carry on, carry on, carry on, carry on, carry on, carry on.

—Jean-Christophe D.

I've already upgraded and I think you guys did an outstanding job on the user interface.

—Dave S.

Audio Hijack 3 is a seriously wonderful piece of software #notasponsoredtweet

Josh H.

Fantastic job for VO compatibility on AHJ3! Congrats!

Daniel M.

Loving new Audio Hijack 3 from @RogueAmoeba. So much easier to set up to record both ends of an @ipDTL session!

Stuart C.

Have I mentioned that I love Audio Hijack 3? Because I *love* Audio Hijack 3.

Duane S.

You've done an awesome job with this new Audio Hijack, including for VoiceOver users. Congrats!


Thank you for making such amazing software. I just bought Audio Hijack and it is everything I need for my twitch streams.


Audio Hijack 3 is amazing! So easy to fix things on the fly; love it!

Michael H.

Audio Hijack 3 in one word: fantastic. Thanks for this great software.

Christian C.

I'm still at a loss for words at how awesome Audio Hijack 3 truly is. Bravo, @RogueAmoeba.

Jordan C.

It is AMAZING. I love it so *very* much.

Ethan B.

The 3.0 release of Audio Hijack from @RogueAmoeba is great! Beautiful work!

Josh O.

I'm gushing all over myself and cannot stop saying how much I really love, love, love, love , love lllllooooooveeeee Audio Hijack. This will make my life soooooo much easier when working with developers on issues of accessibility. Really, you guys just knocked this one so far out of the park, kicked @$$, created something better than the bee's knees. What a great application, and how incredibly useful.

—Scott H.

Hey guys, just a quick note...you rock! Version 3 is terrific. I love the new UI. It's actually fun to drag stuff around and connect it. Very well done.

—Scott R.

WOW!! Audio Hijack Pro 2 was damn good but this new release knocks it out of the bloody park! There's only one word that describes AH3 - stunning! Seriously, it's apps like this that make me love my Mac even more. My congratulations and thanks to everyone at Rogue Amoeba for creating a truly outstanding program. If this doesn't win a fistful of awards, there?s no justice in the world.

—Chas S.

I've been using Audio Hijack for years, it's been a great tool. Version 3 has blown my socks off. I've always wanted a simple but powerful nodal audio tool for the Mac. Here it is in front of me. Kudos, great work.

—Julian H.

The new UI to Audio Hijack 3 is one of the most beautiful UI's I have ever used.

Steve "Scotty" Scott

Gorgeous new interface in this major update to Rogue Amoeba's venerable audio recording app. This is one of the best takes on Yosemite-style design I've seen.

John Gruber

Huge update to one of my favorite tools for audio nerds and producers. It's amazing how much clunky hardware and complex software can be replaced with just this one app.

Marco Arment

I think about switching over to Windows completely sometimes. Then I see apps like @RogueAmoeba Audio Hijack 3 and think, "No freaking way."

Marlon L.

Very very nice, am now happily using QuickTime Player & @rogueamoeba Audio Hijack 3 to record VoiceOver/Mic for podcasts.

David W.

The new Audio Hijack3 is just...WOW :-)

@Nicolas M.

Just upgraded to 3...So good guys, new setup is perfect, keep up the good work!


I work for public radio and Audio Hijack has changed my life. Thank your team for this wonderful program.

—Anna K.

I love these tools; without them I don't know how the hell I would ever make this setup work...I've tried for years to do this, and AH3 finally made it happen, so thank you!

—Michael H.

Audio Hijack 3 is HOT, wow wow wow wow. Yes. Wow. Yes. @RogueAmoeba I love you guys.


I'm really impressed and pleased. The video tour was fantastic - great music, great typography, great content. The UI is wonderful. These days, the UI on Mac apps is getting more "samey" and there is a lot of effort on visual polish but less effort on how to conceive achieving tasks in new ways. The new UI is fantastic, easy to use and easy on the eyes. Congratulations, this is the best release of Audio Hijack ever (which I've been using since 2003).

—David L.

It's a rave. I adored the old version, I love the new and it is great that you can create something which becomes so important to people. Congratulations on it.

—William G.

It is a great upgrade, works like a charm, is incredibly powerful and much easier to use than the previous version. You have a killer app on your hands here.

—Erik V.

Love the update...AH has been an essential audio tool for me for years. The new look and feel is a surprising and welcome evolution.

—George F.

The new Audio HiJack is fantastic...Nice work, Rogue Amoebi.

—Jon S.

I love Audio Hijack 3. it is a masterwork of interface design.

—Douglas C.

Wow, the new UI looks super intuitive. Very well done.

Shun C.

The new version of Audio Hijack from @RogueAmoeba is sick. What a huge step forward. If you're a podcaster, it's time to upgrade.

Jeffrey S.

Extremely impressed with @RogueAmoeba's AudioHijack 3. Having fun exploring the power the pipeline system offers.

Jonathan M.

Knew I was going to love AH3 from the first bars of the soundtrack to the intro video. Nicely done.

David B-E.

Fantastic upgrade guys! So intuitive!

Simon B.

Audio Hijack 3 looks gorgeous (& so modular). Used predecessors >10yrs, invaluable Mac app. Props to @RogueAmoeba

Joby C.

The UI is so so good.


Instantly upgraded, awesome UI

Alexander W.

The new version of @RogueAmoeba Audio Hijack was a pleasant surprise. I don't use it often but when I do, it's invaluable.


I totally just upgraded. Audio Hijack is Super. Awesome.

Tim R.

The new Audio Hijack is the most exciting Mac app in ages. Super cool.

Raygan K.

Audiopeeps, let it be known that I <3 @rogueamoeba products, so useful, simple & cheap, and the new Hijack is aces.

Milt M.

Man, Audio Hijack 3 is slick!


Wow! Feels like a second Christmas. Thanks!


Audio Hijack is the best tool for skype recording, hands down. Helps with quality of podcast, the PC equivalents are inferior.


Oh MAN the new version of @RogueAmoeba's Audio Hijack is amazing. Great work guys!

Nate D.

I really just can't express how vital this app is for music production.

Josh M.

Great people and a terrific app.

Thadd W.

Congrats with the release of Audio Hijack 3! It's been a pleasure betatesting this gorgeous audio powerhouse! Brilliant app :)


Tried it, liked it: Impressive UI that manages to put power behind pretty.

J.C. Burns

Audio Hijack 3, a huge upgrade from @rogueamoeba is out - great to get audio from a Mac. That + Fission = :)


Really nice piece of software, great work!


Wow, the latest version of @rogueamoeba's Audio Hijack looks fantastic

Dan F.

Holy Sheep S#!)!! Just downloaded the AH3 upgrade and...WOW!!! Hats off to your developers for making a great product..GREATER!! Happy Customer!!

—Scott L.

Just download AH 3…WOW, now I can rock the tunes in my studio. Thanks folks!!

—Ron R.

The new version looks great!

—Chad K.

Well done guys you rock

—Oliver M.

Congrats! Looks terrific and THANKS SO MUCH for making the AU multiband compressor window big enough so that I can use it in Detail view and still see the top!

—Gerald S.