Quotes from Audio Hijack Pro users

I love to use both Audio Hijack Pro and Fission. I like the way they fit together and have the controls that I need I have been using them both for a long time now.

—Raymond W.

Just wanted to say thanks so much for creating such a reliable product that is so integral to my work. I really appreciate your dedication to making such a fine product! I recommend it to all of my colleagues.


[W]ith computers and software like Audio Hijack Pro, I was able to make my classes a more exciting learning environment under increasingly difficult circumstances. If not for your software…I probably would not have been anywhere near as successful these past 20 years, my students would not have had the tremendous experience I was able to give them (which they love me for) and I would have retired as soon as I could have after 30 years.

—Judd F.

I LOVE THE AUDIO HIJACK PROGRAM! It is making so many different little recording projects effortlessly possible without taking up too much space and yet creating high quality recordings. I also find that the help manual helps me with most of my questions and in a simply worded step by step way.

—Yael S.

I have used Audio Hijack for quite a few years, with great pleasure. Recently I have started using Airfoil - mostly to listen to Spotify through Airport Express and my sound system. Of course, this works brilliantly. So, I thought I would start the year telling you how much I appreciate your products.

—Ken N.


—Roy T.

This is my third Rogue Amoeba software purchase, and I must say I've been ecstatic with everything you've ever sold me.

—Mark G.

I love @RogueAmoeba software! Audio Hijack Pro and Fission are AMAZING applications.

Alan R.

Just felt compelled to write and thank you for such great, intuitive and affordable software solutions. You are a rare gem, even in the Mac world (which has a much higher bar than most). In particular, I have been looking for months for robust but simple ways to stream audio across my macs (Airfoil) and record online audio in real time (Audio Hijack Pro). Your software not only does all this and more, but the interface and aesthetics are pure Mac ... clean, stylish and logical. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

—Brock B.

Audio Hijack Pro and Fission are two of the best, simplest, and most useful apps I've ever used, bar none.…These two apps have made me seem like a genius to my digitally-challenged musician friend. Some of the guys he plays with aren't going to be around all that much longer, and your software is helping me preserve their incredible playing -- plus my friend's, who's an awesome but underappreciated talent.…You guys rock…Better value for software I've never seen.

—Stan H.

Audio Hijack Pro is perfect for capturing audio from Skype or any program or system audio.

Dan C.

Just a sincere thank you for developing a truly outstanding software in Audio Hijack Pro. A wonderful interface: simple yet powerful and user friendly. So again thanks, a long-awaited piece of kit.

—Peter S.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful work in creating great Mac audio apps. When I moved from PC to a MacBook Pro 2 years ago, I was scared because there was no way to record a source from something directly on my computer, until I saw Audio Hijack Pro. I just wanted to say thank you so much, and I hope you guys are doing well! I <3 the Amoeba!

—Robert B.

Kudos to your team! I just have to say I've been using Audio Hijack Pro and Fission for several years...and the software runs perfectly! Every time I use the software I'm always amazed how intuitive and easy it is to use and the sound quality is top notch. Its one of my fav apps. Keep up the good work!

—Rob S.

Audio Hijack is the best for recording streams


Audio Hijack Pro is officially my favorite app on the Mac.

Dan A.

I've had the program for a long time and it's evolved so well! I reallly love that drawer of features/functions at the bottom and everything about it! You've done a great job! Thanks!

—Robert J.

Best app for Mac? Audio Hijack Pro.


I just can't get enough of Audio Hijack Pro. Muting Firefox and only Firefox is a dream.

Manlio L.C.

I have used Audio Hijack Pro for years. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your application and the support through updates.

—Michael H.

I really love the program....it's a breeze to use and doesn't complicate my life.

—Gerry H.

Audio Hijack Pro is just spectacular software. Been using it for years, and I still love the fact that it just works.

Matt R.

Holy Moly! Who needs a pile of audio and visual file converters to pull the audio from them? I was accumulating too many applications! With Audio Hijack, if you can play it you can import it into anything you want to do with it. That's really pretty slick.

—Mike M.

@RogueAmoeba thank you so much for making software that works exactly how we want it to! AHP and Pulsar and perfect!


Awesomeness! Audio Hijack Pro works great!

Lance E.

I've been using Audio Hijack Pro for a long time and it's a fantastic application.

—Andrew G.

I have finally found all what I need in audio software for Mac, and believe me, I've been searching for some time now. So, this is it, Rouge Amoeba, thank you so much for the great stuff. Not only does it work, but it works perfectly! Big ups and lots of respect!

—Janko N.

It works. You guys are genius. I love you forever.

—Alex S.

I wanted to write to you today to let you know how much I've enjoyed being a paid owner of your Audio Hijack Pro software for recording my conversations with the leading voices on the subject of health.

—Jimmy M.

You guys rock, thanks for making your software intuitive.

—Scott E.

Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack Pro isn't the greatest thing since the wax cylinder recorder. It's the ONLY thing.

—Mike R.

I've got both Audio Hijack Pro and Fission and they are simply amazing, making the digital transfer of my old audio tapes a very easy process and for one very full iPod :-)

—Carl S.

You have got it goin' on. Keep it up!

—Gerry S.

Your software is awesome. Seriously, I did two entire series of podcasts using AHP to record out the audio and it always worked like a damn charm -- made the job a walk in the park. Keep up the good work.

—Riyad K.

I use Audio Hijack Pro all the time for my podcast, and it always works great. It's especially helpful when I do Skype interviews. AHP is reliable and works great every time. Great product - keep up the good work!

—Michael B.

Just a note of thanks for terrific software, and your support. It is very much appreciated!

—Phin P.

I host a weekly technology show and use AHP for recording, I find that AHP's remove silence feature is fantastic.

—Steven S.

Audio Hijack Pro rocks!

—Ted C.

I'm digging this program like nothing else! Thank you for the solution!

—Terrance M.

AHP simply reigns supreme for many reasons.

—John T.

Audio Hijack Pro is one of the best apps on my Mac. It's stable, full-featured, and easy to use. It's on of the few programs that I use each and every week for 3 or 4 different functions. I appreciate your attention to detail in its design. Thanks for writing it and pricing it under what it's really worth.

—Michael S.

For all the media stuff I do, Audio Hijack Pro is by far one of my favorite tools: it just works, and more importantly, I trust it.

—Michael C., RedMonk.com

Audio Hijack Pro is an amazing product!

—Spencer M.

Audio Hijack Pro is the greatest program in the world.

—Matt W.

I only have one regret with AH Pro --- I should have bought it sooner!

—Al M.

AWESOME!!!!!! Well Done!! This program is ridiculous!!! I am very impressed with the quality with Audio Hijack Pro. The interface is very intuitive. The wide range of abilities you give this program is 5-stars in my book! The price is very reasonable considering the quality of this product.

—Alexander L.

Out of every software titles I've ever purchased in the last 10 years, Rogue Amoeba has offered by far and away the best customer service of them all. If only more corporations would implement the level of personal dedication and attention you have shown to me (for my measly $32 licensing fee), the software world would be a much better place.

—Barry R.

You guys rock. Thank you for making my life better. Most of the Live DJ sets I hear I want to record just for archive purposes. I love the music and I can't fake the funk.

—Jay L.

Audio Hijack Pro is possibly the greatest software since the Macintosh operating system.

—Jim T.

Thanks for the very quick and to the mark support. You have a very well-designed app that is easy to use and is well-priced. Good job.

—Michael M.

Audio Hijack Pro is one of the ABSOLUTE musts I believe in for the Mac. I have to go to sleep and get to work, but I am up late THRILLED with this software. You people are incredible. Don't stop. Your work is appreciated. I am going to try and spread the word. Your past & future customer

—George T.

I love Hijack Pro!!! I just purchased Audio Hijack Pro and I just want to thank you for making it. It is a great product. Very simple and easy to use. I searched a long time on the net for a program to record RealAudio files and I almost gave up. Everyone says it can't be done. Thanks again. I love it.

—Bill R.