It looks like you're currently on (Unknown OS). Please note, SoundSource only runs on Mac OS X.

Complimentary SoundSource License

Owners of current Rogue Amoeba apps can receive a complimentary SoundSource license

Audio Hijack 3 Upgrade Header

If you own a license for any current version of our software, you're eligible for a complimentary license for SoundSource! Just fill out this form to receive a link to obtain your free license.

You're eligible if your code begins with BLUE- (Airfoil for Mac 5), FNLY- (Audio Hijack 3), YELO- (Fission 2), CIRC- (Loopback), NCST- (Nicecast), or EZPZ- (Piezo).

Lost Key? If you don't know your exact license key, don't worry - you can recover it, then return here to redeem this offer.