Opening applications from unidentified developers

All of Rogue Amoeba's major applications are now signed as part of Apple's Developer ID program. The information below is thus deprecated, though it will still be helpful with older versions of our software, and software from other developers.

Deprecated Information

For applications not yet signed as part of Apple's Developer ID, the application may be prevented from launching by the OS's so-called Gatekeeper functionality on Mac OS X 10.8 and up (as well as on some machines running Mac OS X 10.7.5). In that case, you'll see a message like this:

DevID Can't Open Warning

You can still open our applications, via either of the following methods.

Option #1: Manually Allow the Application to Launch

To manually bypass Gatekeeper, you'll need to open the application in a special way for its first launch. Hold the control key on your keyboard, and click the application's icon once to make a contextual menu appear.

DevID Can't Open Warning
The Control-Click Menu

Select "Open" from this menu, and a different window will appear:

DevID Can Open Alert

Just click "Open" in that window to launch the application. You'll only need to do this one time, on the first launch. After that, you'll be able to open the application any way you like.

Option #2: Turn off Gatekeeper entirely

To turn off Gatekeeper entirely, open the System Preferences via the Apple menu and click the "Security & Privacy" icon in the Personal section.

Security & Privacy System Preference

In the General tab, you'll need to adjust the "Allow applications downloaded from:" setting. By default, it's set to "Mac App Store and identified developers". To deactivate this, you'll change it to "Anywhere".

Security Setting

Click the Lock in the bottom left of the main window and enter your login password to unlock the settings. Click the "Anywhere" option, then click the "Allow From Anywhere" button. Now, all applications will be able to run without interference from the operating system.