Airfoil Satellite 1.1.2

Released on 4/2/18

  • Bug Fix: A crash which could occur due to Airfoil Satellite's meters has been fixed.
  • Other: Small updates have been made to the documentation

Airfoil Satellite 1.1.1

Released on 3/2/16

  • Critical bug fix: Airfoil Satellite will no longer incorrectly pause other music at launch.

Airfoil Satellite 1.1

Released on 2/18/16

  • Major Enhancement: Airfoil Satellite now provides full remote control of Airfoil (version 5 for Mac or Windows). The old Airfoil Remote application is no longer needed, and has been retired.
  • Bug Fix: Longer speaker names are now properly supported by Airfoil Satellite.
  • Other: The waiting screen now shows the proper Airfoil 5 icon. Pretty!
  • Other: When connected to Airfoil for Mac 4 (or lower) or Airfoil for Windows 3 (or lower), Airfoil Satellite will provide the user with information on Airfoil 5.
  • Other: There are many other small improvements which will hopefully be appreciated!

Airfoil Satellite 1.0

Released on 12/07/15

  • Airfoil Satellite is here! It's a completely redesigned replacement for the previous “Airfoil Speakers Touch”, with a modern UI, full support for all iOS devices, and more to come!
  • This is the initial release of Airfoil Satellite for iOS.