Airfoil for Windows 5.2.1

Released on 10/12/17

  • Critical Bug Fix: We've fixed a regression where Airfoil wouldn't properly connect and stream to password-protected AirPort Express units. This fix should also restore full compatibility with third-party AirPlay devices.

  • Bug Fix: An issue where Airfoil couldn't capture audio from apps it launched has been corrected.

  • Bug Fix: A DirectX-related issue which could lead Airfoil Satellite to crash has been fixed.

  • Other: Airfoil will no longer attempt to transmit when no source is selected.

Airfoil for Windows 5.2

Released on 9/25/17

  • Major Enhancement: Airfoil once again has full support for streaming to all models of Apple TV! All security modes are supported, including Password, Passcode, First-Time Passcode, and Device Verification.

  • Enhancement: The password dialog for locked AirPlay devices now offers a "Remember Password" option.

  • Enhancement: Various improvements have been made to dialogs throughout the application.

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  • Bug Fix: A CPU slow down which could occur when detecting Windows Store apps has been fixed.

  • Other: Additional debugging logs have been added for troubleshooting needs.

Airfoil for Windows 5.1.7

Released on 3/30/17

  • Critical Bug Fix: We've fixed several issues where Chrome audio might not be properly captured. If you had issues capturing from Chrome before, please try this version.

  • Enhancement: Changes in Spotify have been accommodated, so that album artwork is once again captured and passed along by Airfoil.

  • Bug Fix: The installer now correctly named the shortcut for Airfoil Satellite for Windows.

  • Bug Fix: Additional checks have been added to improve audio capture from troublesome apps.

  • Bug Fix: Airfoil now better remembers previously-selected apps.

Airfoil for Windows 5.1.6

Released on 10/11/16

  • Critical Bug Fix: An issue where connections to Apple TVs running tvOS 10 would drop after a few minutes has been corrected.

  • Enhancement: Airfoil will no longer require a reboot to install or update.

  • Enhancement: The installer now provides the user with the option of adding desktop shortcuts, or not.

  • Bug Fix: Airfoil Satellite for Windows once again correctly receives audio sent by Airfoil for Mac.

Airfoil for Windows 5.1.5

Released on 7/9/16

  • Major Enhancement: Custom Equalizer presets are now available in Airfoil! Save custom presets, then re-load them later.

  • Critical Bug Fix: Audio capture from Windows Store apps is now much more robust, and should look and function as expected.

  • Enhancement: Airfoil Satellite has received several under-the-hood improvements, including improved visual separation between artist and song, better identification of the sender when receiving from non-AirPlay sources, and more.

  • Enhancement: Speaker Groups now have shortcut keys in the “Transmit To” menu!

  • Enhancement: Clicking the Source selector a second time now closes it. Hooray!

  • Bug Fix: Several rare crashes have been fixed, included some related to poorly-conforming Bluetooth speakers, one which could occur when a speaker disappeared, and one which could occur when a connection ended.

  • Bug Fix: Previously, the Silence Monitor didn't properly reset after being triggered. It does now!

  • Bug Fix: An issue where Airfoil could lose the audio signal from its source has been corrected.

  • Other: Airfoil now warns if you try to capture a Windows Store app that isn't running.

Airfoil for Windows 5.1

Released on 4/22/16

  • Critical Bug Fix: Volume settings for remote speakers will now work correctly, and be saved as expected.

  • Critical Bug Fix: Airfoil Satellite can now properly control groups remotely.

  • Critical Bug Fix: The “Status Code 0” error which could occur on launch has been corrected.

  • Critical Bug Fix: Airfoil Satellite now again works correctly as a source for iOS devices and iTunes. This required that the protocol used by the KeyFetcher be changed.

  • Bug Fix: Multiple crashes which could occur on quit have been fixed.

  • Bug Fix: Airfoil will now properly provide a scrollbar when necessary to access all available remote outputs.

  • Bug Fix: Airfoil no longer incorrectly provides a non-functional sync slider for Bluetooth devices. We'll be working on sync adjustment options for Bluetooth in the future!

  • Minor Enhancement: Airfoil now does a better job showing that the Local output is disabled when using the System Audio source.

  • Minor Enhancement: The License window now shows a message when a discounted upgrade is available.

  • Minor Enhancement: The support form now opens in the user's default web browser.

  • Other: Airfoil now warns the user that Firefox is not currently supported, and recommends using an alternate browser.

  • Other: Various minor updates have been made to Airfoil's About box.

  • Other: Airfoil Satellite now has a proper About box.

Airfoil for Windows 5.0.3

Released on 3/17/16

  • Critical Bug Fix: Several crashes which could occur have been fixed, including a crash which could occur on launch.

  • Critical Bug Fix: Audio from Internet Explorer should now be properly captured with Airfoil.

  • Bug Fix: Airfoil now has preliminary support for capturing Flash audio from Firefox. We're still working on improvements for this, so stay tuned for further updates.

  • Bug Fix: Airfoil now has preliminary support for capturing audio from the Pandora One desktop application. We're still working on improvements for this, so stay tuned for further updates.

  • Other: Several other minor issues have been fixed.

Airfoil for Windows 5.0.2

Released on 3/3/16

  • Critical Bug Fix: Issues where audio input devices could fail to appear, fail to appear properly, or could play poor quality audio have all been fixed.

  • Bug Fix: Airfoil should no longer lose audio between songs with certain applications.

  • Bug Fix: Airfoil will now work properly with the Windows 10 Groove app, in addition to not incorrectly identifying it as Zune Audio Player.

  • Bug Fix: Airfoil now alerts you when an incorrect speaker password is entered.

  • Bug Fix: A crash which could occur if “Mute All” was used has been fixed.

  • Bug Fix: Airfoil now correctly remembers its window position between launches.

  • Bug Fix: The System Audio source now provides help on European systems where necessary components are not installed by default.

  • Bug Fix: Airfoil Satellite's Remote Speakers area now properly shows active outputs at all times.

  • Other: Several other minor issues have been fixed.

Airfoil for Windows 5.0.1

Released on 2/24/16

  • Critical Bug Fix: An audible hum or other distortion that could occur during breaks in the audio stream, particularly with Spotify, has been fixed.

  • Critical Bug Fix: Airfoil now correctly saves speaker volume levels between launches.

  • Critical Bug Fix: Airfoil now correctly saves Groups and Auto-Transmit settings.

  • Bug Fix: Airfoil is now better at catching and restarting a disabled Bonjour Service.

  • Other: The Installer has been updated to note the paid nature of the upgrade.

  • Other: Several other crashes and issues have been fixed.

Airfoil for Windows 5.0.0

Released on 2/18/16

  • This update is so big that we skipped Airfoil 4 altogether and jumped right to Airfoil 5!

  • Bluetooth Devices - Airfoil now works with the thousands of different Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and headsets available. With Airfoil 5, you can stream a single application's audio to a Bluetooth device (or even multiple Bluetooth devices!), and keep the rest of your audio on your computer.

  • Airfoil Satellite - Airfoil for Windows 5.0 includes full compatibility with the new Airfoil Satellite applications, available for iOS, Mac and Windows. If you want to hear your computer's audio on another Windows machine, Mac, or iOS device, just run the free Airfoil Satellite there. Airfoil will see it and enable you to send audio to it! Airfoil Satellite also offers remote control of both supported source applications, as well as Airfoil itself. Now you can control playback, toggle outputs off and on, and much more, all remotely.

  • Speaker Groups - A group is a collection of multiple speakers which appears as one in Airfoil's main window. Use a Group to send audio to multiple outputs with a single click. Create one group for all the speakers in your house, or divide your speakers into zones. Now you can send audio exactly where you want even faster.

  • Silence Monitor - Great for workplace or shared home setups, the new silence monitor allows Airfoil to automatically disconnect itself when it's streaming silence. The output device is then be freed up for others to use.

  • Hide Speakers - If you regularly connect to a shared network which contains devices you don't control, you may wish to hide them entirely from Airfoil. Now you can do so, from the “Advanced Speaker Options” window.

  • Adjust Sync - Airfoil automatically keeps all outputs completely in sync. However, there may be rare situations where you wish to adjust this, such as when an output is connected to a receiver which adds its own latency. The new Sync sliders in the “Advanced Speaker Options” window make this possible.

  • Beautifully Refined Interface - Airfoil for Windows and Airfoil Satellite for Windows have both been improved, all without changing too much. The interface will still be familiar to users of older versions of Airfoil, but it also features many improvements. There are improvements like longer volume sliders in Airfoil's main window, as well as beautiful new graphics that are fully updated for Retina displays. Meanwhile Airfoil Satellite has been updated to include the new controls for controlling Airfoil, while retaining all that the previous “Airfoil Speakers” application offered.

  • Many other small improvements and fixes have been made.

Airfoil for Windows 3.6.7

Released on 12/04/15

  • Airfoil for Windows 3.6.7 includes backend updates to improve compatibility with a forthcoming application. Watch for “Airfoil Satellite” very soon!

  • Airfoil now has general support for the forthcoming Apple TV (4th generation).

  • Some other small corrections have been made.

Airfoil for Windows 3.6.6

Released on 8/21/15

  • Airfoil for Windows 3.6.6 is ready for use on Windows 10.

  • Default applications removed from the Instant On application list can now be added again.

  • A rare crash related to COM object threading has been fixed.

  • Another rare crash that could occur when Airfoil was running during a sleep/wake cycle has also been fixed.

  • SSR has been updated to support v1.4, for enhanced remote control.

  • Some other small corrections have been made.

Airfoil for Windows 3.6.5

Released on 2/6/15

  • Airfoil now warns if you try to capture from a 64-bit application.

  • A crash which could occur when disconnecting, caused by a threading issue, is fixed.

  • Airfoil Speakers should no longer negatively impact Airfoil's preferences.

  • Some corrections to debug settings have been made.

Airfoil for Windows 3.6.4

Released on 1/22/15

  • The audio capture engine has been updated to work with certain applications using the IAudioClient2 interface, most notably Rhapsody.

  • An issue where Spotify metadata wasn't properly transmitted has been corrected.

  • Internal changes have been made to the logging system.

Airfoil for Windows 3.6.3

Released on 12/12/14

  • The installer now properly updates Instant On in all cases, including those where an older version was installed.

  • The Installer now better handles Airfoil and/or Airfoil Speakers being open when it runs.

Airfoil for Windows 3.6.2

Released on 10/27/14

  • An update to Google Chrome briefly broke Airfoil's ability to capture audio from it. The audio capture engine has been updated to once again capture audio from Chrome.

  • The Fast User Switching incompatibility warning has been improved.

Airfoil for Windows 3.6.1

Released on 8/6/14

  • Support for Windows 8.1 has been improved, particularly with regards to an issue where the System Audio capture driver did not properly install.

  • Previously, track title information sometimes failed to properly update, and stale information was shown. No one likes stale anything, really, right? So we put a stop to this nonsense, and track title information should now be much more up to date.

  • A crasher related to wonky DirectX audio values has been fixed.

  • The Debugging window (hold Shift at launch to see it) has been overhauled. This is of little interest, except when debugging is needed. Then, it will be better!

  • Airfoil Speakers now provides the correct CSeq header to RTSP transmissions. That sounds all kinds of technical, doesn't it? In short, Airfoil Speakers is better future-proofed against various changes. That's a good thing.

Airfoil for Windows 3.6

Released on 5/16/14

  • Airfoil now has full support for Airfoil Remote - control Airfoil from any iOS device, with Airfoil Remote!

  • Airfoil now supports remote control and enhanced metadata from Spotify!

  • An issue with iTunes Radio not showing metadata has now been corrected.

  • A hidden Developer News window, to issue important alerts when required, is now included.

  • Factory Reset now correctly resets everything, including Instant On.

  • Airfoil now runs on systems requiring FIPS compliance.

  • Sleeping and resuming could leave Airfoil groggy, causing bad audio. We've prevented said grogginess.

  • Airfoil now has support for reading track titles from any third-party player applications using our simple track title SDK. Developers of audio players should see this blog post for more details.

Airfoil for Windows 3.5.3

Released on 11/9/13

  • A bug where using oversized title bars would hide buttons in some dialog boxes has been fixed.

  • A bug where sleep/wake cycling could cause a crash has been neutralized.

  • A bug where having volume linked to system volume could cause Airfoil to max its volume levels on startup is thankfully no more. It has ceased to be.

  • The underpinnings for compatibility with a future version of Airfoil Remote have been laid. Soon!

  • Several other small improvements have been made.

Airfoil for Windows 3.5.2

Released on 9/29/13

  • Airfoil once again has full compatibility for sending to the Apple TV running software version 6.0. Hooray!

  • The local "Computer" output is now available when sending System Audio.

  • Airfoil now requires the .NET framework 4.5, which it installs automatically.

  • Several other small improvements have been made.

Airfoil for Windows 3.5.1

Released on 8/3/13

  • Airfoil will now install only on Windows Vista or higher.

  • Non-Latin characters will now show up correctly in Airfoil and Airfoil Speakers. Go nuts!

  • The Effects button now correctly turns off when no effects are active.

  • The Instant On component now provides anonymous data on whitelisted and blacklisted applications.

  • The support form now properly handles the tab key.

Airfoil for Windows 3.5

Released on 7/20/13

  • Airfoil now has the ability to capture all System Audio, great for pulling audio from previously troublesome applications (and Windows Store apps too!). (System Audio requires Vista or higher)

  • Airfoil can now start the Bonjour (Zeroconf) service for you, if it's disabled.

  • Several other minor bugs have been squashed.

Airfoil for Windows 3.4.1

Released on 3/27/13

  • Airfoil can again properly capture audio from Airfoil Speakers, enabling audio to be sent from one iOS device to many.

  • A bug which could prevent some command line processes from working correctly has been fixed. This fix stops Airfoil from erroneously adding "flashplayer" to CLI processes.

  • It's ok to taunt Airfoil for Windows, but it's not very nice.

Airfoil for Windows 3.4

Released on 3/2/13

  • Airfoil is now scriptable, allowing for remote control of Airfoil by other applications. See this link for more details.

  • Airfoil's Instant On component now uses a whitelist in capturing audio, to prevent possible conflicts.

  • The Equalizer window has been improved, with iTunes-like labels.

  • Airfoil now warns the user when they attempt to capture "Metro" applications on Windows 8, as this is not currently supported.

  • Rare crashes caused by issues with networking code should now be seen no more.

  • A minor bug in the license window related to the removal of spaces has been fixed.

  • Apply Airfoil for Windows only to the ears. Do not eat Airfoil for Windows.

Airfoil for Windows 3.3.2

Released on 9/26/12

  • Airfoil Speakers now shows better default metadata when receiving audio from iOS 5 and up.

  • An issue which could cause Airfoil Speakers to crash on launch has been fixed.

  • A bug where Airfoil Speakers incorrectly used an empty string (instead of the computer name) as the default speaker name has been corrected.

  • Airfoil Speakers once again has network stats.

  • Airfoil no longer uses SlimDX, which should maximize compatibility and minimize crashes.

Airfoil for Windows 3.3.1

Released on 8/17/12

  • An issue where iTunes and iOS couldn't properly send to Airfoil Speakers when it was password protected has been corrected.

  • Long metadata now properly scrolls in Airfoil Speakers.

  • A bug which could prevent album art from appearing has been fixed.

  • Airfoil now properly works with multi-monitor setups when one of the monitors disappears.

  • Several other small bugs have been fixed.

Airfoil for Windows 3.3

Released on 8/3/12

  • Airfoil Speakers's interface is now resolution independent, and fully compatible with Windows text scaling.

  • The Close and Minimize buttons have been updated

  • Pandora's desktop app now appears with a better name in Airfoil's Source selector.

  • The Preferences windows in Airfoil and Airfoil Speakers have been updated and improved.

  • Shortcut icons are now optional in the installer.

  • Airfoil Speakers is now always installed with Airfoil.

  • A bug which could cause Airfoil Speakers to keep running when logging was enabled has been corrected.

  • The License window and text has been updated, with prices no longer listed in the app.

  • Airfoil now properly respects the "Do you want to quit?" answer.

  • The audio capture now hijacks subprocesses with any ancestor currently hijacked, not just immediate ones.

  • Many small updates and improvements have been made.

  • Several small bugs have also been fixed.

Airfoil for Windows 3.2.5

Released on 3/26/12

  • Full support for the third-generation Apple TV.

  • The Computer output can again be selected as an auto-transmit option.

  • A crash which would occur when there was no local audio output device has been corrected.

  • Firewall errors which were not properly appearing have been restored.

  • Airfoil now displays a proper icon when connecting to Airfoil Speakers for Linux.

  • Several other small bugs have been fixed.

Airfoil for Windows 3.2.4

Released on 3/8/12

  • A conflict with Google Chrome which could cause excessive CPU usage has been resolved.

  • It's now possible to drag and drop an application onto Airfoil's main window to select it.

  • Airfoil's Notification Center icon will now cause the app to be shown with a left click (the menu can still be accessed with a right click).

  • Airfoil now auto-populates its Source menu with popular apps on first launch.

  • The Debug window now gets focus when loaded.

  • Airfoil Speakers now uses Apple's open-sourced Apple Lossless decoder for improved audio playback.

  • Several other small bugs have been fixed.

Airfoil for Windows 3.2.3

Released on 2/25/12

  • Preferences are now properly saved between launches for all machines.

  • Between launches, Airfoil now properly remembers audio devices set as the audio source.

  • Link Volume to System Volume has been fixed to work properly on Windows XP.

  • Several other small bugs have been fixed.

  • The Instant On component now properly uninstalls when Airfoil is uninstalled.

  • A bug where Airfoil's System Tray icon could appear multiple times has been fixed.

Airfoil for Windows 3.2.2

Released on 2/16/12

  • An issue where Airfoil Speakers complained about missing mALAC when installed on its own has been corrected.

  • Airfoil now properly remembers its main window position.

  • The License window has been updated with an improved layout.

Airfoil for Windows 3.2.1

Released on 2/11/12

  • A bug where Airfoil could crash on Windows XP systems has been fixed.

  • Several other minor issues have been corrected.

Airfoil for Windows 3.2

Released on 2/3/12

  • Airfoil can now capture audio from Airfoil Speakers.

  • Airfoil now uses a brand-new audio capture engine, for better performance.

  • Airfoil's interface is now resolution independent, and fully compatible with Windows text scaling.

  • Airfoil can now instantly mute all active speakers.

  • Airfoil is now compatible with applications using the FMOD audio library, including Qobuz.

  • Several small Equalizer bugs have been fixed.

  • A bug where Airfoil would erroneously report a firewall issue has been corrected.

  • A bug which could cause Airfoil to crash on machines that didn't have sound devices has been fixed.

Airfoil for Windows 3.1.3

Released on 11/17/11

  • A bug that caused iTunes and iOS to not recognize Airfoil Speakers on machines with multiple active network interfaces has been fixed.

  • A bug which could cause installation to stall (on "Installing Prerequisites") has been fixed.

  • The Effects window is now available from the main Airfoil menu.

  • The installer's size has been trimmed by stripping out unneeded parts of the SlimDBX library./li>

  • A bug where Airfoil would immediately disconnect when a hardware device was the audio source has been corrected.

Airfoil for Windows 3.1.2

Released on 10/19/11

  • Airfoil now works around an issue where pulling audio from Spotify could fail.

  • A bug which caused certain unicode characters to display incorrectly in Airfoil has been corrected.

  • Airfoil Speakers now has a manual Check for Update button in the Preferences.

  • Airfoil Speakers now has a Statistics option in its menu, for debugging. Access it by shift-clicking.

Airfoil for Windows 3.1.1

Released on 10/12/11

  • Airfoil now works around an issue where Internet Explorer playing Pandora would produce corrupted audio.

  • A problematic memory leak in Airfoil Speakers has been fixed.

Airfoil for Windows 3.1

Released on 9/26/11

  • Airfoil Speakers now has support for receiving audio from iTunes and iOS applications, via the AirPlay protocol.

  • Airfoil now has full support for third-party AirPlay devices.

  • An issue where Spotify might not properly transmit, caused by Spotify's silent auto-updating, has been worked around.

  • Screen reader support is now much improved.

  • Airfoil now features an in-app support form.

  • A bug in the SSR parser which caused metadata updates to fail after a short time has been fixed.

  • The installer has been completely re-written and is much friendlier.

  • Airfoil Speakers now has its own stand-alone installer.

  • Smarter errors are now shown for incorrect license keys.

  • Airfoil can now send anonymous usage data.

  • Airfoil now targets the .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile.

  • Airfoil now installs the DirectX Runtime on computers that don't already have it.

  • Airfoil now uses updated DirectX libraries, offering more memory efficiency and other performance benefits.

  • Airfoil Speakers now requires a license key, and attempts to receive it from SSR senders.

  • Airfoil's window positions are now remembered between launches.

  • Airfoil Speakers will attempt to recreate its Bonjour record if Airfoil for Mac loses its connection.

  • A bug in the installer that may have left files behind on uninstall has been fixed.

Airfoil for Windows 3.0.2

Released on 7/13/11

  • The "Link Volume to System" feature has been fixed to work properly on all systems.

  • Users on systems with incorrect settings causing Airfoil to draw incorrectly will now receive instructions to fix those settings.

  • Several rare crashes will no longer occur.

Airfoil for Windows 3.0.1

Released on 7/11/11

  • A problem where output devices would fail to properly appear in Airfoil has been corrected.

  • A bug where audio would not properly transmit to some AirPort Express units and Apple TVs has been corrected.

  • An issue with window resizing on certain graphics cards has been corrected.

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Airfoil for Windows 3.0

Released on 7/6/11

  • A revamped interface makes Airfoil easier to use than ever!

  • Airfoil Speakers can now initiate a connection to Airfoil - with one click, you can receive audio on a remote machine.

  • Airfoil Speakers now offers remote control of some applications, enabling you to play, pause, skip forward, and skip back.

  • Airfoil Speakers also features a greatly improved interface, showing track titles, album art and other metadata when available!

  • Airfoil now sends track titles, artwork, and other metadata to Apple TV and Airfoil Speakers.

  • Several icons from Airfoil, including the Windows source icon and the Windows monitor icon, have been improved.

  • Many other small issues have been fixed.

Airfoil for Windows 2.8.3

Released on 4/1/11

  • Airfoil once again fully supports pulling audio from Google Chrome, after automatic updates to Chrome 10 broke this functionality.

  • Airfoil now accepts AFFP- license keys.

  • A bug which could cause Google Talk to crash has been corrected.

Airfoil for Windows 2.8.2

Released on 2/2/11

  • Airfoil can now hijack Google Chrome properly on Vista.

  • If it's transmitting, Airfoil now warns before quitting.

  • Skype 5 is now excluded from Airfoil's Instant Hijack, to fix a conflict.

  • Outputs are now properly sorted alphabetically.

  • Network troubleshooting messages have been improved.

  • A crash that could occur if the computer was put to sleep in the middle of resolving a Bonjour service has been resolved.

  • A crash that occurred for people running Airfoil with .NET framework 2.0 that didn't have SP2 installed has been fixed.

  • A bug which could cause Airfoil Speakers to crash due to audio devices disappearing has been fixed.

  • A bug that could cause Airfoil to crash related to sleep has been fixed.

Airfoil for Windows 2.8.1

Released on 12/10/10

  • Airfoil's License window text has been updated.

  • The Debug window now has a Factory Reset button.

  • A crash caused by other programs locking the local audio output device has been corrected.

  • Pausing the source for extended periods of time now works as expected, with audio flowing to remote speakers when the source is unpaused.

  • It's now possible to auto-transmit to more than 10 sources if desired.

  • A crash related to OnActivateWaitHandle has been fixed.

  • Airfoil no longer crashes if a user's WMI permissions aren't adequate to enumerate sub-processes.

  • Airfoil now handles restarting Spotify properly.

Airfoil for Windows 2.8

Released on 11/19/10

  • Airfoil can once again capture audio from all major web browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome.

  • Airfoil now has full support for AppleTV v2.

  • The device through which audio from Airfoil's Computer audio output plays can now be adjusted in Preferences.

  • The device through which audio from Airfoil Speakers plays can now be adjusted in Preferences.

  • Applications on Windows XP that used DirectSound, such as iTunes, now behave correctly when Airfoil stops hijacking.

  • Airfoil Speakers now shows correct time when streaming past one hour.

  • Airfoil's Installer now prompts for reboot only when necessary, rather than forcing it.

  • A problem that caused warbling in local playback has been fixed.

  • Windows XP users with Safari as default browser will no longer see error messages when checking for updates.

  • Various minor crash bugs have been corrected.

Airfoil for Windows 2.7.8

Released on 7/22/10

  • Several issues with the licensing system have been addressed.

  • Remaining issues with browser opening code have been fixed.

  • The error message for banned keys has been updated.

Airfoil for Windows 2.7.7

Released on 7/1/10

  • Airfoil's networking code has been improved for stability and better error reporting.

  • A crash which could occur when the computer running Airfoil went into hibernation and then woke has been fixed.

  • A crash caused by corrupt user settings file has been fixed.

Airfoil for Windows 2.7.6

Released on 4/7/10

  • Airfoil now has full support for Airfoil Speakers Touch running on the iPad.

  • Airfoil now properly remembers passwords for password-protected AirPort Express units.

  • An occasional crashing bug seen when connecting to AirPort Express devices has been fixed.

Airfoil for Windows 2.7.5

Released on 9/24/09

  • Airfoil now has initial support for the forth-coming Windows 7.

  • Several minor issues with the installer have been rectified.

  • An issue where audio devices would not be properly remembered has been fixed.

  • A problem with the resampler, causing rare audio corruptions when hijacking non-44.1 khz audio streams , has been fixed.

  • A conflict between Windows Genuine Advantage and Instant Hijack has been fixed.

  • Applications providing multi-channel audio can now be properly hijacked (receiving the first 2 channels).

  • A problem where hijacked applications were unable to launch 64-bit child processes has been fixed.

  • Windows Media Player can now be hijacked in Windows 7.

  • An issue where some computers (particularly EEEpcs) would have unreliable playback, due to audio skipping because of drifting clocks.

  • Error handling for firewalls and dropped connections has been improved.

  • Airfoil now suggests restarting after Instant Hijack is disabled.

  • Resampling has been added to local playback, to account for sound cards with bad clocks.

Airfoil for Windows 2.7.1

Released on 6/25/09

  • Airfoil is now compatible with AirPort Express 7.4.2 firmware and Apple TV 2.4 firmware.

Airfoil for Windows 2.7.0

Released on 4/17/09

  • Airfoil now supports Airfoil Speakers for iPhone - transmit audio to your iPhone or iPod Touch!

  • A problem where Airfoil would not connect to a password-protected speaker if the password was entered in-correctly on the first connection attempt has been corrected.

  • An issue where an erroneous 'Speaker Error' messsage could appear has been fixed.

  • A problem where Airfoil could become unstable after the computer hibernated has been fixed.

  • Several other bugs and crash fixes have been made.

Airfoil for Windows 2.6.5

Released on 2/27/09

  • Airfoil Speakers has been updated with minor interface changes and other fixes.

  • A crash that could occur if no local speakers were available (if not sound card was present, for example) has been corrected.

  • A crash when a "speaker removed" message was received over Bonjour has been corrected.

  • A socket error-based crash that could occur when Airfoil received 'Speaker Error: error sending audio' has been corrected.

  • Hijacking Internet Explorer on Windows Vista now functions fully.

  • A bug where speakers could be improperly removed without disconnecting has been corrected.

  • Several power management issues have been resolved.

  • Audio no longer loops with Direct Sound applications and Instant Hijack.

  • Airfoil no longer attempts to hijack 16-bit applications.

  • Airfoil is now properly limited to one running instance.

  • Many rare crashes and bugs have been fixed.

Airfoil for Windows 2.6.2

Released on 9/23/08

  • Speaker passwords now saved correctly between Airfoil sessions

  • Speaker effects settings now saved correctly between Airfoil sessions

  • Speaker volumes now saved correctly between Airfoil sessions

  • Speed up connection to remote speakers

  • Several crashes fixed

  • Improved Hijacking, including, but not limited to, Media Monkey, Rhapsody, and J. River Media Center.

Airfoil for Windows 2.6.1

Released on 9/23/05

  • Removed an erroneous expiration date

Airfoil for Windows 2.6

Released on 8/12/08

  • Entirely recoded in .NET for easier updates in the future

  • Support for additional audio players, including foobar2000

  • Improved Apple TV support, with better metadata

  • Improved sync of local audio playback

  • User interface improvements

  • improved handling of firewall problems (IPv6)

  • DCOM API for automation

  • Uses DirectSound for audio device input

Airfoil for Windows 2.5.1

Released on 3/18/08

  • Now supports transmitting audio to 802.11n AirPort Express units!

  • Several minor bugs in Airfoil Speakers for Windows fixed.

Airfoil for Windows 2.5

Released on 2/20/08

  • Now supports transmitting audio to the Apple TV!

  • Now includes Airfoil Speakers for Windows

  • Now fully supports Airfoil Speakers for Mac

  • Updated interface with icons for remote speakers

  • Many minor bug fixes

Airfoil for Windows 2.0.2

Released on 10/25/07

  • More reliable sync with local speakers.

  • Fixed a bug where Airfoil would lose sync after disconnecting and reconnecting from remote or local speakers.

  • Fixed a bug preventing auto-connection on startup from working properly

  • Fixed a bug where Airfoil would occasionally fail to connect on slower computers

  • Fixed a crashing bug

Airfoil for Windows 2.0.1

Released on 8/14/07

  • Several major bug fixes for dealing with firewalls and networking

  • Now properly sees Airfoil Speakers running on Mac OS X

Airfoil for Windows 2.0

Released on 7/26/07

  • Now optionally sends audio to multiple AirPort Express units, in sync

  • Now optionally plays audio locally, via Local Sync support

  • Fully supports the AirTunes 2 protocol

  • New Audio Effects to adjust audio

  • Redesigned dialog boxes on Vista

Airfoil for Windows 2.0 Beta 3

Released on 7/18/07

  • Bug Fixes relating to multiple units

Airfoil for Windows 2.0 Beta 2

Released on 6/30/07

  • Audio Effects static fixed.

  • Resampling (static on some computers) fixed.

  • Several other bugs squashed

Airfoil for Windows 2.0 Beta 1

Released on 6/15/07

  • Multiple Unit support

  • Local Sync support

  • AirTunes 2 Compatible

  • Audio Effects

  • Redesigned dialog boxes

  • Support for AFS

  • No longer improperly accepts SSME- license keys (Airfoil for Mac keys)

Airfoil for Windows 1.1

Released on 4/30/07

  • Full Windows Vista support

  • Added Exclude List to prevent hijacking of specified applications

  • Added optional stat collection

  • Minor bug fixes

Airfoil for Windows 1.1 (Vista Public Beta 3)

Released on 3/31/07

  • Bug fixes for Vista

Airfoil for Windows 1.1 (Vista Public beta 2)

Released on 3/22/07

  • Bug fixes for Vista

Airfoil for Windows 1.1 (Vista Public Beta 1)

Released on 1/8/07

  • Preliminary Vista support

Airfoil for Windows 1.0.5

Released on 10/11/06

  • Improved Hijacking with iTunes 7, Pandora,, and Musikcube

  • Pandora in Internet Explorer no longer cuts out after the first song.

  • Fixed a menu-drawing bug

  • Fixed several crashing bugs that were oddly preventing some applications to load.

Airfoil for Windows 1.0

Released on 8/14/06

  • Improved support for pulling audio from many applications

  • Added additional functionality to the System Tray menu

  • Fixed static from certain applciations

  • Fixed rare crashing with odd audio formats

  • Fixed audio capturing from sound card devices

  • General user interface improvements and bug fixes

Airfoil for Windows 1.0 Public Beta 2

Released on 6/15/06

  • Added "Minimize To System Tray" preference

  • The source can now be changed on-the-fly, by adjusting the Source selection menu.

  • New Audio Hijack backend, to improve hijacking from many applications.

  • Fixed a bug causing Airfoil to not appear in some instances

  • Force-restart of applications before hijacking, if Instant Hijack isn't enabled.

Airfoil for Windows 1.0 Public Beta 1

Released on 5/12/06

  • First release - it's all new.