Audio Hijack 3.1 is the latest and greatest update to Rogue Amoeba's vaunted audio recording tool

Boston, MA - Following January's tremendously well-received release of Audio Hijack 3, we're pleased to unveil the latest update to our audio recorder, Audio Hijack version 3.1. This free update brings several key new features, and a whole lot of polish!

Silence Monitoring Options

First, based on intense customer feedback, we've updated the "File Limits" section of the Recorder Block to include a Silence Monitor. Now, users can control just how Audio Hijack reacts to silence in the audio stream. Remove the silence from a recording, automatically start a new file when silence occurs, or stop the recording based on silence.

Actions in Audio Hijack

The file actions in Audio Hijack, pictured below, make quick work of common file tasks. Recordings can be passed over to the user's chosen audio editor, easily added to iTunes, or shared use the OS's built-in Share sheet. Working with recordings is now simpler than ever!

There's much more to see beyond those two new features, however. We've also fixed dozens of bugs and made dozens of improvements. AIFF and WAV now support higher sample rate recording. Recordings can now be controlled directly from the keyboard, with new shortcuts. We're working around Mac OS X issues with FaceTime, Dictation, and QuickTime Player, so that recordings work exactly as users expect. 

There's so much more, but the best thing to do is take the free trial for a spin! As always, it can be downloaded right from our site.

Links & Information

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Audio Hijack 3.1 requires Mac OS X 10.9 or higher, with a free fully-functional trial available on the Rogue Amoeba site. While in trial mode, audio quality is degraded after ten minutes of audio capture per session.

Audio Hijack 3.1 is a free update for owners of Audio Hijack 3. Users who are new to Audio Hijack can unlock the full version for just $49.

Also worth remembering, discounted upgrade pricing of just $25 is still available to all customers who've ever purchased a product with “Audio Hijack” in the name.

For more, see Rogue Amoeba's online store:


Audio Hijack in action

Audio Hijack in action

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Large Audio Hijack Icon

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Rogue Amoeba Background

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