Licensing Rogue Amoeba's ACE SDK

Capture and process any audio source

Licensing ACE

The Audio Capture Engine (ACE) framework provides Mac apps with the ability to capture audio from specific running applications, as well as all audio currently being produced by the system. ACE can be used to provide audio to enhance screen recording, VNC/remote access, game streaming, and much more.

ACE provides an API for applications to create virtual CoreAudio capture devices, which then pull in the desired audio. For example, ACE can be used to programmatically create a capture device pulling audio from a running instance of VLC. Any audio that VLC produces will show up as audio input from the virtual capture device. The audio can then be read and processed by your application, using entirely standard CoreAudio APIs.

ACE can be integrated into an existing application in a matter of hours. It's provided in two parts: A C library that applications integrate to communicate with ACE, and a CoreAudio server plugin to be installed on the user's computer. Functions are provided for installing/uninstalling the server plugin, as well as creating virtual capture devices.

If you're interested in licensing ACE for your product, contact us for more information.

Consider Resonate As Well

If you're developing a product which requires an entire audio processing stack, you may also be interested in our Resonate SDK. Resonate can get you processing audio in minutes, and it pairs easily with ACE.

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Current Licensees

Below is a partial list of licensees and software which use ACE for audio capture:

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