Nicecast 1.11.13

Released on 3/1/18

  • Critical Notice: Please note that Nicecast 1.11.13 is the last planned version of the software, as Nicecast has now been retired. Please see this page for more details.

  • Enhancement: Track titles have been updated to work with djay Pro 2, so all versions of djay should now work. Downcast is also supported.

  • Other: Nicecast has full compatibility with MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra).

  • Other: Other small updates and final tweaks have been made.

Nicecast 1.11.12

Released on 9/12/17

  • Major Enhancement: Instant On has been updated to version 8.4.4, with important crash fixes for MacOS 10.13 and many other improvements.

  • Enhancement: The audio capture backend has been updated to be more robust, and this new style capture is now used by default when Instant On is installed. Users shouldn't notice any changes.

  • Other: Nicecast now has preliminary compatibility with MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra). We still recommend users stick with a fully supported version of MacOS for now.

  • Other: Nicecast now requires MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher. If you're still on 10.9 (or lower), be sure to see our Legacy page.

  • Other: Visual and reliability improvements have been made to our Extras installer window.

  • Other: Nicecast now uses our new manual style, and the docs have been overhauled.

Nicecast 1.11.11

Released on 10/4/16

  • Bug Fix: Adjustments have been made to enable FaceTime to be captured on MacOS 10.12 (Sierra).

  • Enhancement: Several minor corrections have been made for the “Install Extras” window when using Full Keyboard Access.

  • Other: Due to changes made by Apple, capturing audio from iTunes now requires Instant On. Nicecast has been updated to handle this as needed.

Nicecast 1.11.10

Released on 8/16/16

  • Major Enhancement: Instant On has been updated to version 8.3, with preliminary support for MacOS 10.12 (Sierra).

  • Minor Enhancement: Track title capture has been improved for both MegaSeg and djay Pro.

  • Minor Enhancement: The “Install Extras” window has been modernized.

  • Other: Additional minor fixes and improvements have been made.

Nicecast 1.11.9

Released on 5/25/16

  • Major Enhancement: The new “Track Title Source:” preference enables a specific application to be set as the source for track titles.

  • Critical Bug Fix: We've fixed a crash which occurred when the built-in server was stopped then re-started.

  • Enhancement: The Instant On component has been updated to version 8.2.6, with some small fixes and improvements.

Nicecast 1.11.8

Released on 5/4/16

  • The Instant On component has been updated to version 8.2.5, with a plethora of small fixes and improvements.

  • Nicecast will now grab track titles from Hermes, Swinsian, and Radiant Player.

  • An issue where Nicecast might fail to detect MegaSeg as the track title source (when Nicecast was set to pull from an audio device) has been corrected.

  • Live365 has sadly closed their virtual doors. As such, the Live365 Server Type option has been removed in the Server window.

  • We've fixed a bug where track titles failed to transmit properly due to a username or password containing an “@” symbol.

  • Nicecast now prevents App Nap, for better audio broadcasting.

  • The software update mechanism (powered by Sparkle) now runs securely over HTTPS. As well, a bug where older updates could be incorrectly left behind has been corrected.

  • Nicecast now has a hidden pref, “trackTitlesForcedSource”, which takes the bundle identifier for the application from which you wish to capture track titles.

Nicecast 1.11.7

Released on 10/14/15

  • The Instant On component has been updated to version 8.1.3, improving things for future applications and fixing an extremely rare issue which could cause the OS's coreaudiod to crash.

  • A few other minor changes have been made.

Nicecast 1.11.6

Released on 9/21/15

  • The Instant On component has been updated to version 8.1.1, with support for Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), as well as improvements for a forthcoming application.

  • When using Line Input sources, Nicecast will now always prefer the NowPlaying file for track titles, if it exists.

  • Track titles are now captured correctly from MegaSeg Pro, MegaSeg DJ, and MegaSeg Demo.

  • A bug where track titles could fail to send to icecast 2 servers, due to special characters in the password, has been corrected.

  • Many other small bugs have been fixed, and internal improvements to the audio processing pipeline have been made.

  • Nicecast now requires Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher. If you're still on 10.8 (or lower), be sure to see our Legacy page.

Nicecast 1.11.5

Released on 5/19/15

  • A bug introduced in Nicecast 1.11.4 could cause the application to crash when the source is quit. That bug has been corrected.

Nicecast 1.11.4

Released on 4/23/15

  • Track title capture now works with djay Pro 1.1 and up.

  • Track title capture from the latest versions of Megaseg has been restored.

  • An issue where icecast servers occasionally did not receive track titles has been rectified.

  • Latency in Nicecast's audio pipeline has been reduced.

  • The Instant On extra has been updated to version 8.0.7, with several minor bug fixes.

Nicecast 1.11.3

Released on 9/19/14

  • Audio capture of Safari 7.1 on Mac OS X 10.9.5 has been restored. Excellent!

  • An extremely rare issue where audio from iTunes could be lost when toggling videos between full-screen and windowed mode has been fixed. It was weird, and hard to track down, but it's gone now!

Nicecast 1.11.2

Released on 8/28/14

  • Latency be gone! We've made improvements to limit latency of processed audio during long audio device capture sessions, and also to prevent static and skips.

  • Track titles from the Mac App Store version of Algoriddim's djay are once again correctly captured.

  • Track titles from other applications again correctly display their name in the Titles drawer.

Nicecast 1.11.1

Released on 8/6/14

  • The track title system has been overhauled, and now supports capturing information from a much-improved set of applications.

  • An emergency update, necessitated by immediate changes Apple has made to their Gatekeeper system, restores compatibility on Mac OS X 10.9.5 and higher.

  • The ability to capture Text to Speech audio has been restored, after being briefly broken by recent changes.

  • The Source popup has been improved to better filter background processes.

  • Many other small bugs have been fixed.

Nicecast 1.11.0

Released on 7/23/14

  • Nicecast now has initial compatibility with Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite).

  • The Instant On component has been updated to version 8, with support for Yosemite. This update provides several improvements and bug fixes.

  • Nicecast now uses Icecast 2.4 internally.

  • An issue where the server port could incorrectly increment has been corrected.

  • UFT8 is now assigned as the Track Title character set when sending to icecast2 servers.

  • Code-signing is now checked during software update.

  • Many other small bugs have been fixed.

Nicecast 1.10.11

Released on 6/5/14

  • The Instant On component has been updated to version 7.2.1, to prevent it from loading on incompatible operating systems, such as those named after national parks.

  • We've improved the selection of hidden apps, when holding down the option key while clicking the Source selector.

Nicecast 1.10.10

Released on 5/22/14

  • The Instant On component has been updated to version 7.2, with improvements in latency and other fixes.

  • The Application Source selector has been improved to better show which apps can be captured.

  • Capturing audio from applications which are pulling from audio devices should now have much lower latency.

  • An issue where Safari audio capture could fail on non-English systems has been fixed.

  • Support for audio capture from the Citrix GoToMeeting VoIP app has been improved.

  • Track titles are no longer erroneously sent when the broadcast if Off Air. That was dumb.

  • The NSURLConnection log will no longer inundate the Console with needless noise. That was also dumb.

  • A potential crash-at-quit bug has been fixed. But really, if there's one time you might not mind an app crashing, it's when you're quitting it.

  • Errors that previously could appear when capturing from Megaseg no longer appear. That's nice.

  • A crash that could occur when transmitting to Shoutcast with the Nicecast debug logging on has been fixed.

  • The license window now correctly shows long license keys.

  • We disabled erroneous editing in the mailing list window. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, RANDOM INTERNET COMMENTER?! Sorry, sorry, got a bit carried away there.

  • Several other small bugs and crashes have been fixed.

Nicecast 1.10.9

Released on 12/20/13

  • Nicecast now has initial compatibility with Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).

  • The audio capture engine has been completely overhauled. Audio capture from some sources may behave differently than it did previously. Please adjusted the revised "Advanced" settings as needed, and contact us with feedback.

  • The Instant On component has been updated to version 7.1.2, with full support for Mavericks. This update provides improvements to System Audio capture and audio capture from Safari.

  • Nicecast now requires Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and up.

  • The License window has been overhauled, with HTML. Neat!

  • The app now has a hidden "Check for News" option, accessible by pressing option while in the Fission menu.

  • Sometimes, track titles weren't properly sent to Shoutcast servers, based on the administrator password for that server (!). We've fixed that crazy bug.

  • An issue where track durations pulled from iTunes might be incorrect, affecting Live365 users, has also been fixed.

  • The preference for installing updates automatically is now on by default. The user is shown this the first time, however, and has a chance to turn it off.

Nicecast 1.10.8

Released on 2/28/13

  • Nicecast now has basic support for broadcasting to Nullsoft's Shoutcast 2 server (sc_serv2), via their Shoutcast 1 compatibility mode.

  • The Instant On component has been updated to version 6.0.3, fixing several small issues including one related to the Amarra iTunes plug-in.

  • Nicecast now uses icecast version 2.3.3, which offers many small bug fixes and improvements.

  • A bug which would prevent Nicecast from connecting to Shoutcast 2/sc_serv2 servers when the Genre field wasn't set has been corrected.

  • Connection times to the Nicecast built-in server will be much faster (thanks to Burst-On-Connect, now enabled by default).

  • Nicecast now grabs track titles from G-Ear, and improvements have been made to track title grabbing from Radiologik and iTunes.

  • Many small fixes have been made to improve audio capture from various applications.

  • Several other small bug fixes have been made.

Nicecast 1.10.7

Released on 11/16/12

  • The Instant On component has been updated to version 6.0.2, fixing several small issues and improving audio capture of VMWare Fusion and other apps.

  • A bug where 4FX plugin instances would not correctly show in the Effects area has been corrected.

  • Audio capture from iSight cameras has been restored.

  • Software updates have been improved, with automatic downloads and install on quit, based on a newer version of Sparkle.

  • Several other small bug fixes have been made.

Nicecast 1.10.6

Released on 7/30/12

  • Audio capture of Safari, QuickTime Player, FaceTime, and Messages is now possible on Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) without requiring the Instant On component.

  • The Instant On component has been updated to version 6.0.1, which fixes several small issues. The update comes in addition to Instant On 6.0, which including improvements to System Audio capture and support for Mac OS X 10.8.

  • The Factory Reset functionality has been corrected to work properly on Mountain Lion.

  • Nicecast is now signed as part of Apple's Developer ID program, for compatibility with Gatekeeper.

  • To avoid triggering a scary warning on Mac OS X 10.8, the support form no longer helpfully auto-fills user information based on the Me card.

  • Several other small bug fixes have been made.

Nicecast 1.10.5

Released on 6/26/12

  • The Instant On component has been updated to version 6, with improvements to System Audio capture and more. This update also includes preliminary support for Mac OS X 10.8.

    For maximum compatibility, the Instant On component is now required for capturing audio from apps made by Fluid.

  • On Mac OS X 10.8, the Instant On component is now required for audio capture from Safari and QuickTime Player.

  • Nicecast now includes the in-window Trial Mode badge.

  • Nicecast now has a one-time sign-up for the Rogue Amoeba mailing list.

  • A regression with iTunes and the VoiceOver effect has been corrected.

  • Several other minor problems have also been fixed.

Nicecast 1.10.4

Released on 4/10/12

  • Instant On has been updated to version 5.0.2, with full support for capturing audio from sandboxed applications from the Mac App Store and other sources. This update also fixes a potential conflict with Qt-based applications, including Sibelius.

  • The automatic port mapping built-in to Nicecast has been improved, with Apple's advanced port mapping technology.

  • The LAME MP3 recording engine has been updated to 3.99.5.

  • A bug where Nicecast would sometimes fail to properly fill silence has been corrected.

Nicecast 1.10.3

Released on 2/7/12

  • Instant On has been updated to version 5.0.1, with full support for capturing audio from sandboxed applications from the Mac App Store and other sources. This update also fixes a very rare startup issue.

Nicecast 1.10.2

Released on 1/31/12

  • Instant On has been updated to version 5.0, with full support for capturing audio from sandboxed applications from the Mac App Store and other sources.

  • Pulling audio from input devices now uses the preferred stereo channels (as set in Audio MIDI Setup), instead of always using channels 1 & 2.

  • Nicecast now includes a hidden Developer News window, to issue important alerts when required.

  • Nicecast now shows hidden prefs in the Debugging window.

Nicecast 1.10.1

Released on 12/1/11

  • A bug where track titles sent to Shoutcast servers would appear in triplicate has been fixed.

  • Nicecast now correctly receives track titles from Algoriddim's djay 4.

  • A problem with passwords sent to icecast2 servers has been corrected, which also fixes an incompatibility with LiquidSoap.

  • Some issues relating to audio capture have been fixed.

  • The About Box code has been slightly updated.

Nicecast 1.10.0

Released on 9/6/11

  • Instant On 4.1 now supports Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), allowing for capture of all System Audio, as well as grabbing audio from already-running applications.

  • Nicecast can again capture audio from QuickTime Player on Lion.

  • A bug where track titles were not properly sent to newer Shoutcast servers has been corrected.

  • An issue where the "Low" buffer size setting would cause silent output on Lion has been fixed.

  • Several other small fixes have been made.

Nicecast 1.9.13

Released on 7/13/11

  • Nicecast now requires Mac OS X 10.6.

  • The updated Instant On component works better than ever to capture audio from running applications, as well as all System Audio.

  • The Install Extras window has been improved for easier use.

  • Many improvements and bug fixes have been made to the application hijacker.

  • A bug where the LAN address was displayed incorrectly has been fixed.

  • An issue with MegaSeg's Now Playing support has been corrected.

  • If specified network port is already in use, the next free port is now used.

  • Several other small fixes have been made.

Nicecast 1.9.12

Released on 9/1/10

  • The Track Titles drawer has been improved to allow more flexible formatting.

  • The Instant Hijack component has been updated to 2.2.7, which fixes several small bugs.

  • The LAME MP3 recording engine has been updated to 3.98.4.

  • The VoiceOver plugin now defaults to a lower buffer size, for reduced latency.

  • A bug where track titles weren't received from older versions of MegaSeg has been corrected.

  • A bug which would generate many Console messages regarding a missing banlist file has been corrected.

Nicecast 1.9.11

Released on 11/7/09

  • The Instant Hijack component has been updated to 2.2.5, which fixes a rare incompatibility with Adobe Version Cue.

  • A bug with the 'Get Monitor Volume' AppleScript command has been fixed.

Nicecast 1.9.10

Released on 10/8/09

  • The Instant Hijack component, used to capture audio from already-running applications, has been updated to 2.2.3 to fix a crash with quicklookd that could occur on some machines running Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

  • Nicecast now embeds the album data in the stream, when available.

  • Nicecast's trial now allows for 60 minutes of unadulterated broadcasting.

Nicecast 1.9.9

Released on 9/23/09

  • The Instant Hijack component, used to capture audio from already-running applications, has been updated to 2.2.2 to fix an extremely rare crash.

  • A bizarre bug causing licenses keys containing the sequence "2222" to be rejected has been fixed.

  • The Title Grabber has been updated to work better with MegaSeg.

Nicecast 1.9.8

Released on 9/8/09

  • Nicecast is now fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

  • Nicecast now uses Instant Hijack 2.2 to capture audio from already-running applications.

  • A bug where icecast would sometimes crash if given a bad IP address has been fixed.

  • The Soundflower Extra, used to power System Audio capture, has been updated to version 1.5.1.

  • Software update check now sends the processor architecture to the server.

Nicecast 1.9.7

Released on 7/30/09

  • Nicecast now captures track title data from MacinMind's Radiologik.

  • Nicecast is now better at detecting its host machines IP address, including resolving issues with certain routers and machines with no IP addresses.

  • The automatic port mapping has been updated with TCMPortMapper, which fixes a crash that would occur during port mapping with certain routers.

  • Instant Hijack has been updated to version 2.1.2.

  • On Mac OS X 10.4, Nicecast now installs the latest compatible version of Soundflower, 1.3.1.

Nicecast 1.9.6

Released on 2/23/09

  • An issue with the underlying icecast engine has been fixed.

Nicecast 1.9.5

Released on 2/3/09

  • Nicecast now fully supports djay from algoriddim, with proper audio being hijacked and track titles captured.

  • Nicecast now uses Instant Hijack 2.1.1, fixing a crashing bug with 64-bit processes.

  • Nicecast now includes Soundflower 1.4.2, with several bug fixes.

  • Nicecast's archiving now warns when disk space is low.

  • Nicecast now uses version 3.98-2 of the LAME MP3 encoding engine.

  • Nicecast now uses version 2.3.2 of the icecast streaming server.

  • Broadcasting: The default broadcasting source buffer has been increased to 4 MB.

  • Server: The maximum allowable listeners is no longer limited to 99.

  • Interface: The level meters in the Effects window now remember their state between launches.

  • Other: Many small memory leaks have been fixed.

Nicecast 1.9.4

Released on 8/19/08

  • NC: Added DJ-1800 track title support

  • MegaMix mode has been improved for use with VoIP apps like Skype and iChat

  • AHKit: MegaMix playthru disabled for VOIP apps

  • NC: Fixed several memory leaks

Nicecast 1.9.3

Released on 7/16/08

  • Includes Instant Hijack 2.1, with full 64-bit support.

  • Effects now play through fully when in MegaMix mode.

  • Hijacking: Instant Hijack updated to 2.1, with 64-bit hijacking support. Also fixes crashing bugson G3/G4s

  • Hijacking: Fixed long-standing bug where hijacker would cause audio skips when under heavy CPU load

  • Hijacking: When in MegaMix mode, Effects will now correctly play through

  • Hijacking: Fixed regression where Exclude List would not be honored

  • Effects: Balance no longer Pans, but properly Balances

  • Other: Many memory leak fixes

  • Other: Updated to Sparkle 1.5b

  • Effects: Added new "Pan" plugin (AHP,NC)

  • auverse: Now using LAME 3.98b8 (AHP,NC)

  • New hidden broadcastIsPublic preference to control Shoutcast Public flag

  • Fixed a common crash that would occur doing UPnP

  • Fixed bug where Live365 track titles wouldn't transmit

  • Fixed track title grabbing for newer versions of MegaSeg

  • Added Advanced Options for System Audio, with IncludeAlertSounds option

Nicecast 1.9.2

Released on 3/19/08

  • Includes Instant Hijack 2.0.3, to fix an incompatibility between Apple Security Update 2008-002 on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and the Instant Hijack component, which caused ssh and related commands to crash.

Nicecast 1.9.1

Released on 3/5/08

  • Audio Devices: Playback now honors prefered stereo channels

  • Fixed potential crash when ending a System Audio source

  • Updated Instant Hijack to 2.0.2

  • Updated Soundflower to 1.3.1

  • Removed listing, due to death of site

Nicecast 1.9

Released on 1/30/08

  • Full support for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), including Instant Hijack support

  • Instant Hijack 2, with Leopard support, MultiHijack, and more

  • New Track Titles drawer

  • Now uses Sparkle for version updates

  • Fixed potential crash when ending a System Audio source

  • Fixed possible hijack failure when hijacking Rosetta applications

  • Application icon now avaliable in 512px for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

  • Fixed low bitrate AAC recording under QuickTime 7.3 or later

  • New "trackTitleCFStringEncoding" hidden preference for changing track title string encoding

  • Fixed possible corrupt audio bug when hijacking using MegaMix

  • Can now hijack non-WindowServer based processes with Instant Hijack

  • Hijacking of now works as expected on 10.5 (requires Instant Hijack)

  • Instant Hijack 2.0.1

  • Updated Soundflower to 1.3, now with Volume support

Nicecast 1.9 Preview

Released on 10/24/07

  • Various bug fixes and improvements for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

  • New Track Titles drawer

  • Instant Hijack 1.5 (Currently only for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger))

  • Now supports MultiHijack (hijacking the same program more than once)

  • Broadcast window Status now shows Archiver status

  • Track Titles: NowPlaying.txt now supports UTF-16 encoding

  • Track Titles: RecentTrackLog.txt now is always UTF-8 encoded

  • Hijacking: Improved MegaMix options

  • Hijacking: Mute now supported in MegaMix mode

  • Effects: Fixed bug where some plugins cause prevent Nicecast from launching

  • Other: Revised Help menu

  • Other: Now requires Mac OS X 10.4+

Nicecast 1.8.6

Released on 4/18/07

  • New Description field in Broadcast Info Drawer

  • System Audio feature updated with Soundflower 1.2.1 Extra

  • AppleScript: Added new statistics attributes

  • AppleScript: Added Monitor Volume attribute

  • Updated to RASN2 License Key System

  • Fixed bug where maximum listeners was calculated incorrectly

Nicecast 1.8.5

Released on 2/8/07

  • Now supports MegaMix mode for one-click Skype and iChat broadcasting

  • Built-in Server now running icecast 2.3.1

  • Updates to all Extras (Instant Hijack v1.4, Soundflower v1.2, Smart Crash Reports v1.2.1)

  • Many minor bug fixes in hijacking, archiving, and effects

  • Manual Track Titles now overrides all other sources

Nicecast 1.8.4

Released on 6/9/06

  • LAME 3.97b2

  • APE 2.0

  • Instant Hijack Server 1.3.3

  • SCR 1.1

  • Now detects iTunes track title changes instantly

  • Now works when running multiple instances under FUS

Nicecast 1.8.3

Released on 3/15/06

  • Official Intel Chip-Based Mac (ICBM) support

  • Can now pull audio from applications running under Rosetta emulation

  • Master Gain now goes to 200%

  • Now requires OS X 10.3.9

  • Smart Crash Reports version 1.1 beta 1

  • Updated to Instant Hijack Server 1.3.2 (PPC Only)

  • Fixed bug when using certain characters in a streams title

  • Improved handling of VST plugins

Nicecast 1.8.3 Public Beta

Released on 1/23/06

  • Now a Universal Build, with support for Intel Macs

Nicecast 1.8.2

Released on 10/25/05

  • auverse/auline: fixed silence gen channels

  • libah: increased timeouts in ah_serv

  • auverse/rbuffer: finally fixed the oldest crashing bug ever

  • AHKit: AHHijackedSource now actively detects libah disconnects

  • Plugins: New compact VoiceOver UI

  • Extras: Added SmartCrashReports installer

  • AHKit: Fixed bug where hijacking widgets could sometimes fail

  • PT: Added PTDebugPanel

Nicecast 1.8.1

Released on 8/11/05

  • Re-added bandwidth stats

  • Re-added and rearranged .m3u Save button

  • Made total listeners and averages stats include the entire life of the server

  • Removed metadata when sending to realplayer

  • Added timeout to portmap termination

  • Made portmap code always remove a mapping before adding one to reduce conflicts

  • Added alias from / to /listen

  • Escaped &<> in XML config file

  • Removed dependency on OS libxslt

  • Removed dependency on system libxml

  • Fixed libxml reference in icecast binary

Nicecast 1.8

Released on 7/25/05

  • Local server: Upgraded to icecast2

  • Local server: Added ability to kick listeners

  • Local server: Added listener password option

  • Local server: Added UPnP NAT traversal

  • Local server: Added a deny-all robots.txt to deny search engines

  • Audio Source: Added System Audio option

  • Effects: Added Application Mixer effect plugin

  • Interface: Rearranged help menu

  • Interface: Added Advanced button to Source drawer

  • Interface: Made left-most speaker icon work as a mute button

  • Interface: Transfer statistics no longer tracked

  • Interface: Source now remembers configuration when switching source types, but not between runs

  • Hijacking: Supports hijacking Dashboard widgets

  • Local server: In URL, playlist.pls is now listen.m3u

  • Audio: Better handling of changes in input audio sample rate

  • Local Server: Stream URL now works with QuickTime Player

Nicecast 1.7.3

Released on 4/18/05

  • NC: Fixed bug where track titles could be sent to the server multiple times

  • auverse, NC: aucast now handles timeouts better, so Nicecast will hang less

  • sw4fxPlugins: AppMixer initial checkin

  • sw4fx: Really fixed window-related crashing bugs

  • NC: Fixed regression where the Account field would be forgotten/displayed as empty

  • AHS: Added some more excluded apps

  • AHKit: Now defaults to using faststart for AAC/ALAC

  • AHS: Updated to APE 1.4.6

  • AHKit: added support for Silence Generator fake input device

  • sw4fxPatchViews: implemented dragging of plugin files directly to patch window

  • sw4fx: added AUGenerator support

  • NC: Better error recovery on invalid mount points

  • sw4fx: Fixed a FXSliders to hitTest: better and not crash

  • NC: Now handles spaces in the URL field better

  • sw4fx: fixed toolbar weirdness in AU Cocoa views

  • AH2, NC: Fixed prefs window popup menu drawing bug

Nicecast 1.7.2

Released on 2/4/05

  • Bug Fix: Fixed exception error in Install Extras window

  • Bug Fix: Fixed incorrect archive file naming

Nicecast 1.7.1

Released on 1/31/05

  • Broadcasting: Fixed crashing bug when filling gaps with silence

  • Broadcasting: Added new NoiseGenerator to fill gaps with noise

  • External Servers: Added Public URL field to override the advertised URL

  • General: Fixed lockup when doing heavy tag editing in iTunes

  • General: Fixed plugins window toolbar

  • General: Updated Advanced Hijacking & Device Options dialogs

  • General: Added hidden retryTimeInterval preference

Nicecast 1.7

Released on 12/8/04

  • Now requires 10.3.0 or later

  • New Registration window

  • Updated manual

  • Redid UI layout for 10.3

  • Many small bug fixes

  • New Silence Generator, will now broadcast filler silence as needed

  • New Quality drawer that allows more flexible quality adjustments

  • Now only displays your IP address in ".local" format if available

  • Adjustable buffer size in VoiceOver effect

  • New Advanced Device Options panel (opt-click Start Broadcast)

  • Better handles devices going missing and re-appearing

  • Better handles multiple identical devices

  • Now supports parallel routing

  • New easy-access Master Gain control

  • Now supports Cocoa-based AudioUnits

  • Knobs now supports scroll wheels

  • hijack: Added environment cleaner to coreaudiolite

  • ihs: Implemented hardcoded exclude list

  • libah: Implemented silence generator

  • auverse: added channel selector options to auline

  • auverse: added channel selector options to auplayer

  • auverse: added device buffer size option to auline

  • auverse: Added paranoia checks to auproc

  • auverse: added ring buffer size option to player

  • sw4fx: Implemented AudioUnit CocoaUI support; fixed framework bundle id

  • sw4fxViews: Added workaround weird crashing bug in -[FXSlotView setFX:]; probably an NSView bug

  • sw4fxViews: FXKnob now supports scroll wheels

  • AHKit: Added Silence Gen. options to Advanced Hijacking panel

  • AHKit: Finalized AHDeviceOptionsPanel

  • AHKit: Fixed broken Cancel button in Hijacking Opts. Panel

  • AHKit: Fixed bug where device popup menu would not show duplicate devices

  • AHKit: LineIn sources now handle devices going missing and reappearing better

  • Protein: New registration window

  • Protein: Registration text field no longer accepts CRs, LFs or tabs

  • Protein: Turned NSExceptionHandler stuff off

  • Apps: Added bundlelabler (apps now show more complete version info in the about box)

  • Apps: Bumped Min-OS requirement to 10.3

  • Apps: Noise-adder now ramps up

  • Apps: Now built with gcc3.3

  • Docs: Redid NC pages with stylesheet

  • Docs: Updated

  • .local address no longer used if it does not reserve lookuo

  • Adjusted AppleEvent timeout some more

  • Drops quality if skips are detected (not realtime though)

  • Fixed rare NSArray-related exception

  • More work on Quality drawer

  • Now puts icecast binary in Executable folder (should solve launch path access problems

  • Quality Drawer: Options always enabled now

  • Redid 'Custom' quality selector

  • Server window: Now shows Delete Sever confirmation sheet

  • Silence Filler is now always enabled

  • Track titles handle &, =, and ? better now

  • Tweaked nibs

Nicecast 1.6

Released on 8/9/04

  • New Instant Hijack Component makes the use of Application Enhancers (APE) optional

  • Added Recent Tracks Log to Preferences window

  • Added new Archiving formats (AAC and ALAC)

  • Fixed Bug With Source setting and 10.3.5

  • Moved Plugins window to About Plugins in Nicecast menu

  • Added debugging options window

  • Added CoreAudio changed version alert

Nicecast 1.5.5

Released on 5/18/04

  • Support for grabbing track titles from Ask The DJ (v1.6+)

  • New Help window

  • Added 64kbps encoding setting (see Custom...)

  • Now supports iTunes 4.5 for displaying track titles to listeners

  • New Help System

  • Fixed a track titles crash with iTunes

Nicecast 1.5.1

Released on 4/5/04

  • Support for grabbing track titles from Ask The DJ (v1.6+)

  • Now uses CoreAudioLite to hijack apps that arent running yet

  • Local IP Address now included in Share drawer

  • Updated to AHS 1.2.5

  • Updated to latest AudioHijackKit, Protein

  • Mostly fixed skip handler crasher

  • Now always send track titles to Shoutcast servers

  • Improved Live365 url generation

  • Added Start Archiving/Stop Archiving/archiving AppleScript support

  • Threaded Track Title Grabber

  • Improved icecast2 url generation

Nicecast 1.5

Released on 2/17/04

  • Updated to AHS 1.2.4, w/ iTunes crossfade support

  • Added support for reading 'manual' track titles (see details somewhere else)

  • Added Hijack Options dialog (Option-click Start Broadcast)

  • icecast2 support

  • Network Address Overriding

  • Nicecast Server Checker

  • Added support for reading MegaSeg (2.7.1 and up) track titles

  • Redid Address field in Server window

  • Added iChat workaround

  • Added Genre popup to Info drawer

  • Changed gfx on New/Delete in Server drawer

  • Fixed too many memory leaks to admit to

  • Removed Hostname warning from icecast

  • Threaded Stats loading

  • Fixed sending of (null) track titles

  • Added Details button to Server Checker

  • Reorganized Prefs window

  • If icecast fails to bind on port, now tries port+100

  • Added 32kbs/11khz option (User requested)

  • Now correctly sets streams Public/Private flag

  • Dropped in new libah

  • Implemented meta-data info for Live365

  • Added new Account field to Servers window (for L365)

  • Dropped in new VoiceOver w/o Hard Play-thru

  • Dock icon now updates correctly on quit

  • Now sets 'public' streams flag to true

  • Added "alwaysSendTrackTitles" hidden pref

  • Added pref to turn the animated Dock icon off

  • Added animated Dock icon

  • Added Listener Connect/Disconnect sound prefs

  • Added (visible) Stream Logo pref

  • Added warning if Stop Broadcasting when users are connected

  • Added Dock Badge

  • Fixed icecast http admin access

  • General improvements to the track title system

  • Fixed bad memory leak

  • Started rewrite on track title grabbing code

  • Track Titles are now loaded immediately when broadcasting starts (instead of after 10 seconds)

  • Stream Tracker now asks for track url & refresh rate

  • Fixed Stream Tracker checkbox to be disabled when it should be

  • Added 48/44/mono encoding option (User Requested)

  • Recent Track Log hidden pref (recentTrackLogsFile)

Nicecast 1.0

Released on 12/8/03

  • Initial full release: Changes too numerous to list

Nicecast Preview

Released on 10/28/03

  • Initial preview release