Using Airfoil and Airfoil Satellite on your Mac

Airfoil and Airfoil Satellite are two distinct applications. Airfoil streams audio out from your Mac, while Airfoil Satellite acts as a receiver and remote control on other computers. To stream audio from your Mac out to devices across your network, be sure to use Airfoil. Read on for more details.

Transmitting audio With Airfoil

When Airfoil is running on your Mac, it can act as a transmitter. You can use Airfoil to stream to any compatible receivers, so the desired audio is heard through them.

Receiving audio & remote control with Airfoil Satellite

Devices running Airfoil Satellite act as software receivers, receiving audio from Airfoil, as well as AirPlay senders like iOS and iTunes. Airfoil Satellite can also serve as a remote control, enabling you to adjust Airfoil's speaker selection and volumes, as well as the playback of supported sources.

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