Using Airfoil with Airfoil Satellite TV to stream audio to tvOS 13

This is an archived article, and it may be out-of-date, or contain information which is no longer accurate.

⚠️ This is an archived article. Updating your Apple TV to tvOS 13.2 or higher will enable Airfoil to stream audio to it.

On September 24, 2019, Apple released a new tvOS 13 update for Apple TV devices. Unfortunately, changes Apple made in this update have broken Airfoil's ability to stream audio to these devices in their default configurations. We're currently working to restore this functionality to Airfoil.

If you haven't already updated to tvOS 13, and regularly stream from a computer to an Apple TV using Airfoil, we suggest waiting to update your Apple TV's system software. You can turn off automatic updates in the Apple TV's Settings application, by navigating to the System section, then Software Updates.

Using Airfoil Satellite TV to stream to Apple TV

Fortunately, we also have a fully functioning workaround to stream to tvOS 13: Our free Airfoil Satellite TV app. To download the free Airfoil Satellite TV app, simply search for it within the App Store right on your Apple TV.

Once you open Airfoil Satellite TV, you should see a device named Airfoil Satellite on <Your Apple TV Name> in Airfoil:

Airfoil streaming to Airfoil Satellite TV

Connect Airfoil to this output to stream audio to your Apple TV.

Airfoil Satellite TV receiving audio on an Apple TV

Do note that if the Apple TV's default AirPlay receiving ability is still enabled on your Apple TV, you'll wind up seeing two different outputs for the same device in Airfoil. Make sure to use the Airfoil Satellite TV output to play audio from Airfoil on your Mac through your Apple TV.