Sending to Sonos devices

Current versions of Airfoil for Mac can now transmit audio from your Mac to Sonos speakers with AirPlay support. Read on for more details.

AirPlay 2-compatible Sonos speakers

Many modern Sonos devices include AirPlay 2 compatibility, which can be recognized by Airfoil. Make sure the firmware on your device is up-to-date, and that the device is on your local wireless network. Once it is, the device will be available in Airfoil's list of outputs and ready to receive audio.

Older Sonos hardware

Sonos users with older hardware can take advantage of AirPlay compatibility by grouping that device with any newer Sonos hardware that includes AirPlay.

This grouping needs to be done in the Sonos app, and once complete Airfoil will transmit to all grouped speakers through the Sonos with AirPlay support.

Resources from Sonos

The following Sonos support article includes similar information about this compatibility and how to use AirPlay with Sonos in other contexts: