Sending to Sonos devices

With the latest versions of Airfoil for Mac, you can now stream audio from your Mac to Sonos speakers!

AirPlay 2-compatible Sonos speakers

Sonos's latest hardware, including the Sonos One, Beam, Playbase, and second-generation Play:5, all features AirPlay compatibility, and we expect that future Sonos hardware will also support AirPlay. Make sure the firmware on your device is up-to-date, and that the device is on your wireless network. Once it is, the device will appear in Airfoil's list of outputs, ready to receive audio.

Older Sonos hardware

Of note for Sonos users with older hardware, you need just a single AirPlay-compatible Sonos device to enjoy audio on your entire Sonos system. As Sonos explained in their AirPlay 2 announcement:

Even though AirPlay 2 is only supported on Sonos One, Beam, Playbase, and Play:5, with any one of these speakers you can listen via AirPlay on your entire home sound system. That means that even non-AirPlay compatible speakers like Playbar or Play:1 can reap the sonic benefits of our AirPlay 2 integration, provided they’re grouped with one of our newer, AirPlay-friendly devices in the Sonos app.

So if you have an older Sonos system and want to get AirPlay compatibility going throughout your home, just add a single new device, then group it with your older hardware. The Sonos One is a great device, and makes for a relatively inexpensive addition to an existing Sonos setup.

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