Audio Hijack's scripting center

Audio Hijack features a JavaScript engine and API, which makes it possible to build complex workflows. You can run scripts automatically when sessions start and stop, and process recording files as they are created. A whole new world of capturing is possible with the ability to manipulate Sessions programmatically.

This page serves as a hub of information for scripters. While the “Scripting and Automation” page of the Audio Hijack Manual offers an introductory overview of the options available for scripting and automation, the articles linked below offer in-depth information on writing scripts for Audio Hijack.

Creating a script from start to finish

Take things further by creating your own Audio Hijack scripts. To get started, give this complete start-to-finish example a read.

Running Audio Hijack scripts via external triggers

Need to run scripts from outside of Audio Hijack? Full details of how to do so are here.

Example scripts for Audio Hijack

Review a collection of downloadable sample scripts, which show various aspects of the scripting API.

A complete scripting API reference for Audio Hijack

The Audio Hijack scripting API reference contains a complete list of objects and methods available to scripts.

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