Airfoil doesn't see my remote speaker

If a device you transmit audio to with Airfoil is not appearing in Airfoil's main window as expected, this page may help you determine the problem.

Check the Advanced Speaker Options window

It's possible Airfoil has been instructed to hide the device from its main list, via the Advanced Speaker Options window. Click the Speakers menu in Airfoil, then select Advanced Speaker Options. This window will show a listing of all output devices that Airfoil has detected. If the “Hide Speaker” checkbox is turned on next to a device, that device will not appear in Airfoil's main window. Turning this checkbox off will restore the device to Airfoil's main list.

If your device isn't showing in Airfoil's Advanced Speaker Options window, read on.

AirPlay devices

If an AirPlay device is missing, the next thing to test is whether iTunes running on your same Mac can detect and transmit to it. Open iTunes, and look in the AirPlay menu to see what devices are detected, then compare this list to Airfoil’s main window and the Advanced Speaker Options window. If a device is appearing in iTunes, but not in Airfoil, double-check your firewall settings for Airfoil.

If iTunes can’t find the device either, there may be an issue with a system-level firewall, or a router-based security setting that prevents devices from detecting each other on your network. Apple offers additional troubleshooting steps on their support site, which may get the device working with iTunes. Once iTunes can see the device, Airfoil will as well.

If iTunes can transmit successfully to the device, but Airfoil still doesn’t see it, please contact us directly so we can investigate further.

Bluetooth devices

If a Bluetooth device is missing, you should confirm that your Mac can see it in the Sound System Preferences “Output” tab. If it's not appearing there, there is likely some sort of connection issue. You’ll need to get the device connected to your Mac first. Once the device is visible in the Sound System Preferences, Airfoil should see it as well.

If the device appears in your Sound System Preferences, but Airfoil still doesn’t see it, please contact us directly so we can investigate further.

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