Audio Hijack's history

Audio Hijack is Rogue Amoeba's flagship product, in active development since the company's founding in 2002. Here's a brief overview of its long and winding history.

Audio Hijack 1

Audio Hijack was our very first product way back in 2002. Just like the modern version, it enabled users to record any audio on their Mac. At the time, one of the most common use cases was recording RealPlayer audio streams for later listening on an iPod. If that sentence makes you feel old, we can sympathize.

A screenshot of Audio Hijack 1

Audio Hijack Pro 1

Audio Hijack Pro actually began life as an update to Audio Hijack. During development, we realized that it was such a major rethinking of the original product that it couldn't simply be an update. Instead, we split it into its own higher-tier product, and Audio Hijack Pro 1 was released just five months after the first Audio Hijack. It quickly became the more popular of the two products.

A screenshot of Audio Hijack Pro 1

Audio Hijack 2

Rogue Amoeba's whirlwind first year in business continued with an to version 2 of Audio Hijack just 11 months after the original release. This update featured an overhauled interface, but still kept the application's relative simplicity compared to its more powerful sibling Audio Hijack Pro.

A screenshot of Audio Hijack 2

Audio Hijack 2 was eventually retired in 2007, leaving just Audio Hijack Pro. Though not a successor by any means, Piezo does offer very simple audio recording, compared to the more powerful Audio Hijack.

Audio Hijack Pro 2

First released in mid-2004, Audio Hijack Pro 2 gained widespread recognition, particularly in the realm of podcasting. The foundation we laid for Audio Hijack Pro 2.0 lasted an astonishing 11 years, with many major updates along the way.

A screenshot of Audio Hijack Pro 2

Audio Hijack 3

In 2015, we released Audio Hijack 3 as an upgrade to Audio Hijack Pro 2. It simplified the name by dropping the “Pro” suffix.

With Audio Hijack 3, we introduced a revolutionary new block-based interface to make it easy to understand exactly how audio is flowing. This version served as a successor to all previous Audio Hijack products: Audio Hijack 1, Audio Hijack 2, Audio Hijack Pro 1, and Audio Hijack Pro 2.

A screenshot of Audio Hijack 3

Audio Hijack 4 and beyond

In 2022, we released Audio Hijack 4, with many improvements and new features. It was an evolution of the ideas first pioneered in Audio Hijack 3, and served as an upgrade to that version.

If you're looking for our most powerful audio recording tool, you want Audio Hijack. Head right here to check out the latest version!

Downloading legacy versions

Our Legacy downloads page always provides copies of older versions of our software, for use on older versions of MacOS. Do note that these older versions are no longer supported, and we encourage all users to move to the latest version of Audio Hijack.