Accessing test releases

Test releases basics

Users often ask us if they can try beta versions of our software. We don't have a public beta program, but if you wish to receive updates before they're officially released, you can access test releases.

A test release is the precursor to a full, official release of our software, and it's typically made available in the weeks before an official update. Like all software, these releases may have unknown bugs, but they're well-vetted internally prior to posting. We expect them to be suitable for general use, though they're not recommended for those with production systems.

By turning on test releases, you can try out changes to our products before the general public.

Accessing test releases

Test releases are delivered through our software's built-in software update system. To be alerted to test releases for a product, you need to opt in from the application itself. This is done by changing a hidden preference in the app’s Debugging window. Follow the instructions below, which use Audio Hijack as an example.

  1. Open the Help menu in the app whose test releases you wish to access.

  2. Hold the Option key on the keyboard, then select the Quit and Relaunch for Debugging command from the menu.

  3. In the Debugging window that appears, go to the Hidden Preferences section.

  4. Enable the Check for test releases option, then click the Done button.

That's it! The software will now alert you when a test release is posted, and you'll have the option to download it.

Reverting to official releases

If you ever wish to revert to using official public releases, that's easy as well.

  1. Delete the test release by placing it in the Trash.

  2. Download the official release from our front page.

  3. Launch the official release, then follow the same instructions as above to access the Debugging window.

  4. Once the Debugging window is visible, uncheck the Check for test releases option then click Done.

You'll now be back to using an official release, and the software update system will no longer inform you of new test releases.