Transitioning from Fission's Mac App Store version to the direct version

In September 2021, we ceased distribution of Fission via the Mac App Store. Verified purchasers of the Mac App Store version of Fission can now receive a complimentary license key for the directly distributed version. This will enable you to continue using the latest versions of Fission without interruption.

To complete this fast and free one-time migration, follow these steps.

Step #0: Make sure you've downloaded and run the Mac App Store version of Fission on your Mac

The Mac App Store version shows “App Store Edition” in the About box

For the migration to work, you'll need to have launched the Mac App Store version of Fission at least once on your current Mac. That way, the direct version of Fission will be able to detect that you’re a Mac App Store customer, and help you proceed.

Step #1: Download the latest Fission directly from our site

You'll need to get the directly distributed version of Fission, so click here to download the latest.

Step #2: Click the “Obtain Free License” button

Upon opening the new version of Fission, Mac App Store buyers should see this brief explanatory dialog:

Click the “Obtain Free License” button to be taken to a special page on our site. You'll want to be sure to do this immediately, as Fission will be in trial mode until you unlock it.

Step #3: Receive your complimentary license key

When you reach our site, you'll be able to receive your complimentary Fission license key through our store.

Fill out this form to have your new license key emailed to you. Once you’ve got your license key, enter it into Fission to unlock the full version.

All set!

Once you complete the above, you'll be transitioned to the directly distributed version of Fission. That means you’ll be able to get all future updates, from right within the app. Delete the old Mac App Store version of Fission by placing it in the Trash, and you'll be all set.

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