The Farrago screenshot gallery

Farrago has been in development since 2018, with versions for OS X 10.10 and higher. Below, you can see screenshots of Farrago through the years.

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Farrago 1.0.0

Released January 24, 2018

The first version of Farrago shipped in early 2018. It was built as a modern soundboard app for the Mac, with a focus on lightning-fast playback via the keyboard. That modernity included the backend, which was written in Apple’s new Swift language.

Farrago 1.1.0

Released April 27, 2018

Farrago 1.1 shipped just three months after Farrago’s initial unveiling, and included a newly added Dark theme. This was built for use in darkened spaces like theaters, and actually pre-dated MacOS’s built-in Dark Mode, which would arrive later in the year with MacOS 10.14.

Farrago 1.2.0

Released July 12, 2018

Farrago 1.2 introduced two major features, MIDI support and multi-tile editing. The MIDI control made it possible to play sounds with any physical MIDI device, an excellent upgrade and oft-requested feature. Multi-tile editing made it a snap to update things like tile color and playback settings across multiple tiles at once.

Farrago 1.5.0

Released April 17, 2020

The List view was substantially modified in Farrago 1.5, and the Preferences window was updated to provide a “Match System” option for the appearance, now that MacOS had its own Dark mode. This collection also shows Farrago’s “Quick Tour”, first introduced in version 1.2.7 (October 1, 2019).

Farrago 2.0.0

Released April 13, 2023

Farrago 2.0 was the first paid upgrade to our soundboard app, offering a wealth of new features and designs. Emoji art on tiles was one of the most obvious visual changes, but almost every element in the application was redrawn and often redesigned.

A search field was added, filtering current tiles and also searching the sound database as well as local Apple loops from GarageBand and Logic Pro. From the new built-in audio editor to set updates including lockable sets, smart sets, and secondary set windows, there was lots to see.

Farrago 2.0.5

Released September 8, 2023

This update included the new Permissions window, to easily enable system permissions for the app.

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