The Fission screenshot gallery

Fission has been in development since 2006, with versions for Mac OS X 10.4 (!) and higher. Below, you can see screenshots of Fission through the years.

Visit Rogue Amoeba’s Historic Screenshot Archive to see many more images of our apps over time.

Fission 1.0.0

Released September 18, 2006

We first unveiled Fission in September 2006. It was built to be a companion to our recording tools. After making recordings, users often wanted to do simple editing tasks, such as cropping audio down or adjusting volume levels. Fission was built to cater to those tasks.

Fission 1.5.0

Released April 23, 2007

Fission 1.5 modified very little visually, but one notable change was the renaming of the “Cut” command to “Remove”. This was done to better accommodate the app’s new “Cut”, “Copy”, and “Paste” abilities for moving audio around.

Fission 2.0.0

Released September 17, 2012

Fission 2 was released on September 17, 2012, just one day shy of the sixth anniversary of the original release. This update overhauled and modernized the interface, and included a second (Dark) color theme.

Fission 2.5.0

Released October 29, 2019

In Fission 2.5, the app’s Dark theme was overhauled to bring it in line with MacOS’s Dark Mode. Also shown is Fission’s “Quick Tour”, which provided users with an overview of the product on first launch.

Fission 2.8.4

Released September 8, 2023

This update included the new Permissions window, to easily enable system permissions for the app.

See What Fission Looks Like Now

See what Fission looks like currently by visiting the Fission product page and downloading the latest version.

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