Licensing our software for personal and shared use

Licenses for individual users

Our single-user licenses provide access to the software on one or more personally owned machines. Most users should require just one single-user license to use their desired product, regardless of how many machines they own.

For example, if you wish to install the software on both your desktop and laptop, you would need just one license.

Licenses for shared-use environments

For computers in a shared-use environment such as a lab, library, or other similar multi-user settings, the software can instead be unlocked on a per-machine basis. In these environments, each shared machine would need one license for the software. When the software is unlocked, it will work for all users of that machine.

For example, a 5 computer lab that's used by 50 individuals would need only 5 licenses for the software – 1 license for each machine.

A note on academic use

Shared-use licenses are made specifically for multi-user settings like a university's computer lab. Students or instructors who need a license for themselves should take advantage of our academic discounts on single-user licenses instead.

Questions, volume licensing discounts, and more

If you have questions, or are seeking information on discounts for large-scale purchases of 10 units or more, please get in touch with our support team so we can assist you.

Licensing our technology

If you're a software developer looking to license our technologies for use inside your own product, see this page instead.

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