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Legacy versions of Airfoil for Mac for older operating systems

We never want customers to feel rushed into updating their computers, so we work hard to provide support for multiple operating system versions in all of our products. Over time, as operating system updates are released, we gradually remove support for older OS versions.

For those users who are still running older systems, we provide a comprehensive library of legacy versions which support older operating systems.

Accessing Legacy versions of Airfoil for Mac

Our Legacy Software page provides access to legacy versions of Airfoil (and Airfoil Satellite), compatible with older versions of MacOS, Windows, and Android. There, you'll find a list of download links for all legacy versions we have available.

When re-installing Airfoil Satellite on iOS, the App Store itself provides access to older versions. If you're running an older version of iOS, you can download compatible software directly through the App Store.

How do I unlock a legacy version?

All of our products must be unlocked with a license key, and that includes legacy versions. Purchasing a license key through our store will enable you to unlock the current version, and also entitle you to unlock any legacy versions you may need to use.

Most legacy versions can be unlocked with a current license key, but certain very old legacy versions may require a secondary license key. If you need additional assistance, reach out to us directly.

Legacy versions are unsupported

Legacy versions are battle-tested, and we expect them to work well for you. However, they are not supported. For most issues, it is likely that our first recommendation will be to update your OS and move to a current version of our software.

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