Issues unzipping downloads

Occasionally, users have difficulty opening our software after downloading it from our site. If you see an error indicating the application is “damaged”, read on. The copies of our software on our servers are just fine. Unfortunately, some third-party tools on your Mac may fail to unzip the downloads properly. Fortunately, this issue is easy to fix. The following instructions should get you set.

Unzipping Files with Archive Utility

1) First up, download the desired application from our site, but don't open the .zip file just yet. (You may need to disable the auto-open preference in Safari.)

2) Click the .zip file once in the Finder, then select “Get Info” from the File menu.

3) In the “Open With” section, set the selection to “Archive Utility”. This is the decompression utility that comes with MacOS by to open .zip files by default, and it's absolutely the most reliable one.

4) Now, open the .zip file by double-clicking. With the new settings, it will be opened by Archive Utility and you should be all set.

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