Purchase information regarding currency, taxes, and tax forms

Rogue Amoeba's products may be purchased through our store, from anywhere with internet access. The following information may be helpful for purchasers.

Purchase currency

When our store detects your location (or when you change the location manually), prices for the items in your cart are adjusted to the local currency. Note that these prices are estimates using recent exchange rates. The actual charge will be in US Dollars, with the exact amount shown.

Local taxes

Our payment processor (Paddle) handles the actual sale of our software, and they are required to collect taxes in many regions around the world. These taxes vary based on your location, and a full list of where tax is charged can be found on Paddle’s website.

The exact full amount of your purchase, including tax, is always shown before you finalize your purchase.

Tax-exempt purchasing

Some buyers may be exempt from paying tax. Read on for instructions on tax-exempt purchasing.

European Union

For tax-exempt purchases in the EU, just enter your VAT ID to have tax removed from the charges. Look for Add VAT Number during the checkout process, on the payment method selection screen.

United States

Tax-exempt buyers in the US should make a standard purchase through our store, which may include sales tax. Currently, sales tax cannot be exempted before purchase, but we can process a tax refund after-the fact. Once your order is complete, contact us directly with your tax exempt details.

If you use a tax form that requires details about the seller, note that our payment processor Paddle is the “Merchant of Record”. Paddle's information can be found on your receipt. It is also replicated below:

Paddle.com Inc (US Entity)
3811 Ditmars Blvd #1071
Astoria, New York 11105-1803
United States
Paddle.com Market Ltd (European Entity)
15 Briery Close
Great Oakley, Corby, NN18 8JG
United Kingdom

W-9 / W-8BEN-E Forms

Institutional purchasers in the United States occasionally request a W-9 form. Because our payment processor (Paddle) is has entities in the United Kingdom and the United States, they provide a W-8BEN-E form as well as a W-9 form. You can download the appropriate form below, depending on the address found on your receipt.