How to change the name of your remote speaker

The name shown for an output device in Airfoil is set by the remote speaker itself. Many speakers allow this name to be changed, so you can customize it to your liking.

Apple TV

Follow these steps to change the name seen in Airfoil for your Apple TV:

  1. Open the Settings application on your Apple TV.

  2. Navigate to the AirPlay section.

  3. Select the Name option.

  4. Change the name as desired, and select Done.

The device should briefly disappear from Airfoil, then reappear with the updated name.

AirPort Express

Follow these steps to change the name seen in Airfoil for your AirPort Express:

  1. Open the AirPort Utility application on your Mac or iOS device.

  2. Select your AirPort Express from the network map, and click or tap the Edit button.

  3. Go to the AirPlay section.

  4. Change the AirPlay Speaker Name option, and update the settings.

Once your AirPort Express restarts, Airfoil will display the device's new name.

Note: If your AirPort Express has been configured with Apple’s HomeKit, you can also change the speaker name with Apple's Home app.

Airfoil Satellite

By default, Airfoil Satellite sets its speaker name to the name of the device on which it's running. To modify this name, see Airfoil Satellite’s preferences.

  • Airfoil Satellite for Mac: Airfoil Satellite’s preferences can be accessed from its menu bar icon, or the Airfoil Satellite menu. The Name setting can be found in the Speaker tab.

  • Airfoil Satellite for Windows: Airfoil Satellite’s preferences can be accessed by right-clicking its icon in the Taskbar. Adjust the Speaker Name setting as desired.

  • Airfoil Satellite for iOS: Tap on the Settings icon at the top-left of the screen to show the Settings area, and then change the Name setting.


The device name for Bluetooth devices can be adjusted in the Windows Control Panel. Navigate to the Hardware section and adjust the device's name in the Properties window, then power the device off and back on again. The new name should now be reflected in Windows itself, and shown in Airfoil.


Chromecast device names are set in the Google Home app. For detailed instructions on changing a Google device name, see this Google support document.

Other hardware

Other third-party audio receivers may also offer custom naming options. Check the device's manual for more details, and contact the device's manufacturer for further assistance.