What happened to Audio Hijack Pro?

If you previously used our application "Audio Hijack Pro", you might be wondering where it went. Audio Hijack 3 is the latest incarnation of our Audio Hijack software. The name has been simplified down to just "Audio Hijack", dropping the "Pro" suffix. Have a look at the latest major version of Audio Hijack.

If you're familiar with Audio Hijack Pro, you should be right at home with Audio Hijack 3's functionality. The new Audio Hijack also provides an easy and more visual way of handling audio.

Best of all, if you ever purchased a previous version of Audio Hijack Pro or Audio Hijack (dating all the way back to 2002), you're eligible for a heavily discounted purchase of Audio Hijack 3.

So, if you were looking for Audio Hijack Pro, you should check out Audio Hijack 3. Just follow these steps:

  1. Learn about Audio Hijack 3 on its webpage.
  2. Download the free trial of Audio Hijack 3.
  3. To unlock the full version, purchase a license key through our store. Existing users are eligible for a discounted upgrade.

That should get you set!

Downloading Audio Hijack Pro

If you still need to download a copy of the older Audio Hijack Pro for use on an older version of MacOS, see our Legacy downloads page. Do note that Audio Hijack Pro is no longer supported, and we encourage all users to move to Audio Hijack.

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