More Power

Piezo is great to get you started recording audio, but you may want more power and functionality. If so, we may have a product that suits your needs.

Editing Recordings

Fission Screenshot
Fission lets you edit audio recordings.

Piezo enables you to record audio, but what if you want to edit that audio after the fact? There are lots of audio editors out there, all of which should be compatible with the standard formats to which Piezo records. We recommend our own audio editor, Fission. Fission edits audio losslessly, so you never lose audio quality, even when editing MP3 and AAC files. Better yet, it's easy to use. Check it out via the free trial from our site.

More Powerful Recording

Audio Hijack Screenshot
Audio Hijack provides more powerful audio recording options.

Piezo is a snap to get started with, but sometimes you may require more powerful recording options. If so, you should check out Audio Hijack. With Audio Hijack, you can record all System Audio at once, set timed recordings to run when you're not around, record to an enormous variety of recording formats, and more.

See how Piezo and Audio Hijack compare, then download a free trial right from our site.

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