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Control Airfoil from any iOS device!

Airfoil Remote lets you control Airfoil for Mac and Airfoil for Windows from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad! You're already sending audio from your computer all around the house with Airfoil. Now you can remotely control Airfoil from any iOS device. Use Airfoil Remote to turn individual speakers on and off, adjust volumes, and even change the audio source.

Airfoil Remote also controls many audio sources playing through Airfoil (see supported sources for Mac and Windows). Pause your music, skip tracks, or just see album artwork. With Airfoil and Airfoil Remote, full control is in the palm of your hand. Get Airfoil Remote in the iOS App Store now!

Airfoil Remote 4.0.1
Released June 12, 2014
For iOS 7.0 and up
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Available on the iOSApp Store

Airfoil Remote is a companion to Airfoil for Mac and Airfoil for Windows.
It's sold for $5 through the iOS App Store.


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Newest Features

  1. Airfoil for Windows Support Airfoil Remote can now control Airfoil for Windows, in addition to Airfoil for Mac.
  2. Graphical Improvements Airfoil Remote's interface has been improved to fit in great on iOS 7.

Key Features

  1. Toggle icon Toggle Speakers On & Off Turn individual speakers on with a single tap. Toggle them back off with another tap.
  2. Remote Control Icon Control Playback, Too In addition to controlling Airfoil, remote playback control of many popular sources on Mac and Windows is possible, including Spotify, Rdio, and more.
  1. Volume Knob icon Full Volume Control Adjust the volume of individual speakers, to get just the right mix, or crank all your speakers at once!
  2. Album Art Icon See What's Playing Metadata from many supported sources is shown right in Airfoil Remote. See artist names, track titles and album art.
  1. Switch icon Switch Sources Switch between your recent audio sources to change what Airfoil is streaming out remotely.

User Quotes

Works brilliantly. Neighbours must be impressed!

Nick G.

Good job, @RogueAmoeba! Airfoil Remote is better than Apple's own Remote app.

Vance H.

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Mac Control

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Windows Control

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