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Volume 1, Issue 1

Hi guys! It's been a hectic holiday season here at Rogue Amoeba! Our webhost crapped out, but we've moved to, and they've been great so far. We've been hard at work on Audio Hijack 2, and Audio Hijack 1.x is nearing to the end of its lifespan (that was fast!). Stay tuned for Audio Hijack 2 and more! We're also hoping to be selling cool t- shirts featuring our favorite amoeba Ammo and that nefarious spekaer thief in the near future.

We hope you'll join us in the new forum to chat. Sorry about the discount, I know it doesn't help most of you now!


You're receiving this email because at some point, you bought Audio Hijack or because you signed up for the list. We strive to keep this list low traffic and informative, and we never give your address out to anyone else. Nonetheless, if we've pissed you off, or you just want off, email with the subject Remove, and please accept our apologies.

January 6th, 2003

Extra! Extra! - Rogue Amoeba Kicks Off MacWorld With Discount, New Forum!

Princeton, NJ - MacWorld San Fransico is just around the bend, and Rogue Amoeba will be offering a discount on their flagship product Audio Hijack to kick off the festivities! Using coupon code "MWSF", users can receive $3 off Audio Hijack 1.6.5, regularly priced at $16. Users are urged to order now, as this deal will only last through January 20th!

And also in honor of MacWorld, Rogue Amoeba is opening their new discussion forum! Users are invitied to come and discuss anything they like about audio on OS X, particularly with regards to Audio Hijack. Users should head over to to chat it up. Rogue Amoeba employees will even be hanging around to answer questions!

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Rogue Amoeba Background

Rogue Amoeba Software, LLC is a privately-held company, based minutes outside of Princeton, New Jersey, USA. Formed in the winter of 2001, the employees of Rogue Amoeba bring with them a tradition of superb Macintosh programming, with a focus on the audio market. Rogue Amoeba's employees have been responsible for the creation and/or development of many well- known Macintosh applications, including the full line of MacAmp products (MacAmp, MacAmp Lite, and MacAmp Lite X) as well as GrayAMP, and Starfish Pro.

For more information on Rogue Amoeba Software, please visit http://

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