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Volume 1, Issue 2

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To everyone else, thanks for your support thus far! Because of our great user base, we've been able to create a second product and it's available now! Read on for more information on Audio Hijack Pro. Anyone who already registered Audio Hijack is eligible for a $14 discount off the purchase of Audio Hijack Pro. And don't worry if you don't want to switch, Audio Hijack is still fully supported.

March 3rd, 2003

Rogue Amoeba Releases Audio Hijack Pro 1.0 - The Birth Of A Legend!

Princeton, NJ - In 2002, Rogue Amoeba Software burst onto the Mac OS X scene with the release of their first product, the audio grabbing/ enhancing utility Audio Hijack. Audio Hijack gained widespread acclaim from users and reviewers around the globe for its ability to add professional-quality DSP effects to any audio and to grab and record audio output from any application. Now Rogue Amoeba is unveiling Audio Hijack Pro, and it's bound for great things!

Audio Hijack Pro is an enhanced version of Rogue Amoeba's flagship product Audio Hijack, with all the features of the original and much, much more. MP3 recording, enhanced Timers, and the ability to hijack running applications are just the beginning. AH Pro also includes the ability to pause recordings, the power to create sets of DSP effects called Patches, support for up to 100 VST and/or AudioUnits plugins at a time, and more. AH Pro even supports some Classic VST plugins which haven't been updated for OS X!

Audio Hijack Pro is immediately available for download and purchase. Registered users of Audio Hijack are even eligible for a discount towards the purchase of Audio Hijack Pro. Head over to the Audio Hijack Pro page for more information, or download AH Pro now!

Direct download link:

Users are also invited to join in the Rogue Amoeba discussion forums! Come and discuss anything about audio on OS X, particularly with regards to Audio Hijack Pro and Audio Hijack. Users should head over to to chat it up. Rogue Amoeba employees will even be hanging around to answer questions!

Audio Hijack Pro Links

See Audio Hijack Pro in action, hijacking, enhancing and recording an MP3 stream:

Audio Hijack Pro information link:

Direct download link:

Rogue Amoeba Background

Rogue Amoeba Software, LLC is a privately-held company based minutes outside of Princeton, New Jersey, USA. The employees of Rogue Amoeba bring with them a tradition of superb Macintosh programming, with a focus on the audio market. Rogue Amoeba's employees have been involved the creation and development of many well-known Macintosh applications, including the full line of MacAmp products (MacAmp, MacAmp Lite, and MacAmp Lite X) as well as GrayAMP, and Starfish Pro. In 2002, Rogue Amoeba ignited the audio-grabbing and enhancing revolution on Mac OS X with the release of Audio Hijack.

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Paul Kafasis
Rogue Amoeba Software

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