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Volume 1, Issue 4

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To everyone else, thanks for your continued support! Since you last heard from us, we've updated Audio Hijack Pro to version 1.2 (a free upgrade) and we've begun work in earnest on the next major upgrade to Audio Hijack. Check it all out at

May 7th, 2003

Rogue Amoeba Updates Audio Hijack Pro - Sprechen Ze Deutsch?

Princeton, NJ - Rogue Amoeba Software has once again updated Audio Hijack Pro, improving on the most advanced audio grabbing and enriching utility in the world. Audio Hijack Pro is an audio grabber and enricher, enabling users to record and save any audio. Record Internet streams, capture DVD audio, or convert between any audio format (Real, WMP, AAC or any other) to the more universal formats of AIFF and MP3.

The 1.2 release adds many under-the-hood improvements as well as new features. Key new features include:

-New Pipe Dream plugin, passing audio to any command-line application
-Updated Menu Bar Meters plugin, featuring VU meters
-New German Localization
-Updated French Localization
-Updated Audio Hijack Server, allowing for Excluded Applications

Along with these great new features, many minor bugs have been fixed, including Presets List updating and some Timer-related problems.

AH Pro can also be used to record, tweak and improve the quality of any application's audio with included DSP effects, as well as industry-standard VST and AudioUnit plugins. MP3 recording, enhanced Timers, and the ability to hijack running applications are just the beginning for Audio Hijack Pro. It also includes the ability to pause recordings, the power to create sets of DSP effects called Patches, support for up to 100 VST and/or AudioUnits plugins at a time, and more. AH Pro even supports some Classic VST plugins which haven't been updated for OS X!

Audio Hijack Pro 1.2 is immediately available for download and purchase, and is a free update for all owners of Audio Hijack Pro. Head over to the Audio Hijack Pro page for more information, or download AH Pro now.

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Rogue Amoeba Background

Rogue Amoeba Software, LLC is a privately-held company based minutes outside of Princeton, New Jersey, USA. The employees of Rogue Amoeba bring with them a tradition of superb Macintosh programming, with a focus on the audio market. Rogue Amoeba's employees have been involved the creation and development of many well-known Macintosh applications, including the full line of MacAmp products (MacAmp, MacAmp Lite, and MacAmp Lite X) as well as GrayAMP, and Starfish Pro. In 2002, Rogue Amoeba ignited the audio-grabbing and enhancing revolution on Mac OS X with the release of Audio Hijack.
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