Audio Hijack 3.2: Features & A Friend

Audio Hijack 3.2 offers great new features and a great new companion.

Boston, MA - We're not slowing down when it comes to updates to Audio Hijack, our popular audio recorder. This free update brings several key new features to the app, as well as a companion eBook!

Time Shift Popover

After hearing from users (including prominent Mac writers like Jason Snell and Serenity Caldwell) who'd begun using the Time Shift block to aid them in transcribing, we set about making transcribing audio even easier. The Time Shift Block now features a powerful popover, seen above, which can be made to float above other windows for easy access from any application. As well, global hotkeys enable access to Time Shift's controls without even using the mouse. If you're transcribing audio, Audio Hijack and Time Shift will make your day!

The Sync and Peak/RMS Blocks

Audio Hijack users will also find two brand new Blocks in version 3.2. First up is the new Sync Block, which adds a precise delay to any audio. While Sync is similar in concept to Time Shift, it works at much smaller scale: up to 1000 ms (1 second) per Block. It's perfect for syncing an audio stream with video that's lagging behind.

Next up, the new Peak/RMS Meters provide a fully-calibrated visual of audio, showing both RMS and Peak Levels, as well as a helpful clipping indicator. They're great for the precise audio analysis podcasters crave.

The last big feature to mention is shareable Sessions, which enable users to easily share their custom settings with one another. Just export a Session by highlighting it in the Home window and selecting “Export Session” from the Session menu. Audio Hijack will save a .ahsession file containing the exact setup for the Session. The exported Session can be emailed to a friend, published on a website, or shared however you like. When another Audio Hijack user opens the file, the Session will be automatically imported into their copy. It's a great way to show off custom setups!

There's so much more in Audio Hijack 3.2, including many smaller improvements as well as a few squashed bugs. As always, the best way to experience Audio Hijack is to take the app for a spin. Downlod the free trial right from our site to get started!

One More Thing: A New eBook

Take Control Cover

Audio Hijack is an extremely powerful application, and few users are aware of all that it can help them do. That's why we're delighted to be able to introduce Take Control of Audio Hijack, a brand-new downloadable eBook independently produced as part of the popular Take Control series, which has helped countless users get more out of their software.

This new title is the work of Mac and audio expert Kirk McElhearn, who provides an encyclopedic guide to all things Audio Hijack. From new users who want a thorough primer on the app to old pros who'd like some more details on specific aspects of the software, this book helps users make the most of Audio Hijack!

The full Take Control of Audio Hijack eBook is just $10 through our store. More information, and a free sample, are available on our site.

Links & Information

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Audio Hijack 3.2 requires Mac OS X 10.9 or higher, with a free fully-functional trial available on the Rogue Amoeba site. While in trial mode, audio quality is degraded after ten minutes of audio capture per session.

Audio Hijack 3.2 is a free update for owners of Audio Hijack 3. Users who are new to Audio Hijack can unlock the full version for just $49.

Also worth remembering, discounted upgrade pricing of just $25 is still available to all customers who've ever purchased a product with “Audio Hijack” in the name.

For more, see Rogue Amoeba's online store:


Audio Hijack in action

Audio Hijack in action

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Take Control Cover

Large "Take Control of Audio Hijack" Book Cover

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