About Rogue Amoeba

Strange name. Great software.

Company Basics

Rogue Amoeba is a privately held software company, based in the USA with offices around the globe. Since 2002, we've been making tools to assist you with all your audio needs on MacOS. In that time, we've delighted millions of users and earned some of the highest honors in the industry.

Our Products

Our suite of award-winning audio tools consists of our flagship recorder Audio Hijack and its little brother Piezo, virtual mixer Loopback, home streamer Airfoil, soundboard app Farrago, editor Fission, and control utility SoundSource.


Some of the technology is available for commercial licensing. Developers interested in our ARK-SDK audio handling and capture technology should visit our Licensing page.


Contact Us

Snail Mail

Rogue Amoeba Software
536 Commercial Street #1
Boston, MA 02109

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Press Info

Press Kit

Our press kit offers details on each of our products, describing what they do and how they're used. You'll also find in-depth information about Rogue Amoeba.

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Further Inquiries

We hope the information in our press kit and press releases proves useful with questions journalists may have about Rogue Amoeba.

If you need anything else, don't hesitate to contact Paul Kafasis directly.

Top-Notch Staff

Chris Barajas

Support Manager

Chris joined Rogue Amoeba in 2010 to handle technical support, and he’s been helping users and improving processes ever since. He now leads our support team.

When Chris isn’t helping you, he’s likely to be enjoying some free time with his family. Or he’s taking advantage of ice time as an avid curler. (Living near Lake Ontario has some wintertime advantages.)

Robert Charlton

Support Technician

Robert has been a member of our support team for several years, helping users with all manner of questions.

Robert lives in the suburbs of Boston, where he can often be found tuning a guitar with a tiny Allen wrench and fighting an endless tide of cable clutter. He hopes to help everyone sound great and make the most of their digital audio projects.

Lee Falin

Mac & Web Software Engineer

Over multiple stints with Rogue Amoeba dating back to 2009, Lee has served as a support tech, a Windows dev, and now a Mac and web dev as well.

Lee's written software to help answer questions about the genetics of microorganisms. Naturally, the perfect job for him is working for a software company with “Amoeba” in its name.

Grant Farr

Mac Software Engineer

Since joining Rogue Amoeba in 2011, Grant has been a crucial part of multiple Rogue Amoeba products. He's led development of our flagship Audio Hijack, as well as spearheading the creation of both Piezo and Farrago.

Grant is Australian, which provides a never-ending challenge of time zone conversions for everyone at Rogue Amoeba. Despite his nickname of "surly", he's actually quite likable and will sit for a beverage with anyone at least once.

Nathan Tiddy

Mac Software Engineer

Nathan lives in Portugal with his wife and two children. His day-to-day activities include coding, caring for his kids, and drinking lots of coffee. He also enjoys walking the streets of Lisbon with his family, as the unique European cityscape is a world apart from the goat farm he grew up on back in his home country of New Zealand.

Before joining our team, he created a handy little utility called “menuBUS”. He's delighted to work on more audio tools here at Rogue Amoeba.

Mike Shields

Mac Software Engineer

Mike first did contracting work for Rogue Amoeba in the mid-2000s, and many years later, he’s joined the team full-time.

Mike is an avid cyclist of the mountainous variety. He’s been married to his lovely and loving partner for 30 years (so far) and has managed to raise one (1) functional adult. He’s looking to become a citizen of the world after escaping the rat race of big company mobile engineering. He also remembers 400K floppies and loves dogs. They’re all good dogs!

Neale Van Fleet


Neale joined us at Rogue Amoeba in 2015 to help with all of our design needs. In short order, you'll see more and more of his stellar work on our site and in our apps.

Neale lives in snowy Montreal with his wife and son. When not drawing rectangles and other shapes on a screen, he reads, takes photos, and dabbles with physical design and art projects. He also once designed and built a robot that appeared on a robot combat show, back when that was a thing.

Aaron Wasserman

Support Technician

Aaron is the newest addition to our growing support team. He lives for deep bass, spicy food, shameless puns, and connecting with strangers. Ever with a camera in hand, Aaron loves to capture and be captivated by the world around him. It’s not atypical to find him juggling, solving word puzzles, or teaching himself another language. This guy really knows where his towel is.

Ed Wynne

Mac Software Engineer

Ed joined Rogue Amoeba in 2011, after years of providing contract work on some very important code. He's one of the brains behind our backend audio capture technology, and has now also led development of Loopback.

Ed lives in the semi-wilds of Michigan, near Ann Arbor. He mitigates the isolation of remote work with a strict regimen of pessimistic optimism and crotchety old man behavior. No doubt time spent with his wife, two kids, and dog also helps.


Paul Kafasis


Paul serves as the public face of Rogue Amoeba and handles product management for all of Rogue Amoeba's applications, as well as tackling the innumerable tasks no one else wants.

When not working, Paul attempts to give the world a laugh in places like his humor site.

Quentin Carnicelli


Quentin currently oversees the entire engineering team, as well as handling all the backend code that's necessary to keep Rogue Amoeba running.

Quentin enjoys a life in the bucolic countryside, puttering with his CNC plasma cutter, 200A arc welder, and mini-excavator.

Alex Lagutin

Senior Programmer/Head of R&D

Alex is the mind behind the original Audio Hijack concept, as well as the backends of many of Rogue Amoeba's applications.

Alex first took up programming in the early ’90s, and he's been bending computers to his will ever since, primarily in the audio space.