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Charmingly simple audio recording

Piezo makes it a snap to record audio on your Mac. In seconds, you'll be recording audio from any application or from audio inputs like microphones.

Piezo requires almost no configuration, and it's a blast to use. Simple and inexpensive - that's a winning combination.

Easily Record Audio on Your Mac

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Record From Apps and Devices

Select an application or audio device in Piezo, then just hit Record to save the audio!

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Easy Podcast Recording

Piezo records from Skype and other VoIP apps with ease. It even saves the audio to distinct channels for easy editing.

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Settings Are a Snap

Open the settings popover to choose your recording quality, name your clip, and add comments.

Piezo's Features and Uses

Grab From Any App

Piezo captures audio from just about any application playing on your Mac.

Super Simple Recording

With one click, recording audio on your Mac has never been simpler.

Recording, Demystified

Piezo's simple recording presets mean less worrying about your settings.

Here's Looking at You

Simple and striking, Piezo's charming interface makes recording fun.

Record Web Audio

Save audio from the web, just by setting a browser such as Safari or Chrome as your source.

Archive Skype Calls

Piezo records from Skype in a single click. It couldn't be simpler!

Save Streaming Music

Record from services like Spotify, Rdio, MOG, and more.

Record Audio Devices

Hook up any microphone (even your Apple headset) and record from it instantly.

Get Sound Bites

Record from movies playing in any video player, including QuickTime Player, VLC, and many more.

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Note: Before purchase, noise is overlaid after 10 minutes of recording (per launch).

Piezo 1.5.11
Released October 18, 2018 (Release Notes)
For MacOS 10.11 or higher

What People Are Saying About Piezo

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“Piezo makes this list…by offering dead-simple recording of audio from any app or input, and doing it with a charming interface that’s fun to use.”

“Gorgeous, super-simple.”

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

“Piezo is a seriously beautiful app, and does its job very well. Great job @RogueAmoeba!”

Klifton K.

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“[F]or simple, “grab this app’s audio” recording, Piezo is tough to beat.”

“Piezo looks lovely. Nice work on it!”

Justin B.

“If you've ever wanted to record something on your Mac, you should definitely get Piezo”

Patrick G.

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“Piezo…takes about a minute to figure out.”

“The design of this app is lovely. Great work!”

Zeke F.

“Congrats to @RogueAmoeba for doing a thoroughly great job with Piezo”

Jamie B.

MacBreak Weekly Logo
“Makes it very simple to record…you couldn't make this any easier!”

“I don't always record audio, but when I do, I prefer Piezo.”

Jim C.

“Enjoying Piezo from @rogueamoeba…a really simple, well designed audio recorder.”

Daniel W.

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You think Piezo is pretty great, right? Well, so do we!

“Just had to fork over…for the awesome Piezo app. You guys absolutely excel at writing code for the Mac!”

Darren R.

“Just downloaded and installed Piezo from @RogueAmoeba - Wow! This is how software is supposed to work.”

Steve Y.

MacFormat Logo
“A near-perfect solution for anyone who needs to record audio from apps.”

“[A]bsolutely love Piezo, works perfectly, so easy to use. Keep up the great work!”

Benjamin K.

“Piezo from @RogueAmoeba has already paid for itself in recording a chat at my desk so I can refer back to it later.”

Dan W.

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