Licensing Technology from Rogue Amoeba

Enhance your own products with our technology


The development of our consumer audio products has provided us with technology that can be used by other businesses as well. The following Rogue Amoeba development kits are available for commercial licensing.

Audio Capture Engine (ACE)

Rogue Amoeba's “Audio Capture Engine” (abbreviated as ACE) is a MacOS-based technology which makes it possible to capture audio from one or more individual processes, as well as all audio from the entire system at once. ACE's functionality powers several of our most popular products, including Audio Hijack and Loopback.

Developed and refined over nearly two decades, ACE now makes it possible for other developers to capture and process any audio source as well.

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Rogue Amoeba's “Resonate” SDK is a dramatically easier-to-use interface for MacOS's CoreAudio, perfect for audio processing applications. Leveraging our years of experience creating audio software, Resonate will help you build your own product faster, while delivering superior latency, reliability, and ease of development.

Resonate makes it easy to provide audio functionality in all manner of Mac applications, without the need to become an audio expert.

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