Airfoil 5.5 Brings Chromecast Support!

Play synced audio to Google Chromecast devices and other Cast-enabled hardware!

Boston, MA - Today we’re shipping Airfoil for Mac 5.5, a major update to our tool for streaming music around your house. With this update, it’s now possible to stream any audio from your Mac to the Google Chromecast, using Google’s Cast protocol!

Google Chromecast devices have proven to be tremendously popular, and Airfoil supports them all, including the Google Chromecast Audio, as well as both the current Google Chromecast Video and the original (stick-shaped) model. There are also many televisions and stereos which support the Google Cast streaming protocol, and Airfoil works great with those as well.

Airfoil can also send to multiple devices, all in sync! Whether your devices use Google Cast, AirPlay, Bluetooth, or any combination, Airfoil can stream to them all. With this new version, you can get the party rocking with more devices than ever before.

We've also updated Airfoil Satellite for Mac, a free companion to Airfoil. Airfoil Satellite turns any Mac into an audio receiver for Airfoil, so you can stream from one computer to another. Now, it's AppleScriptable, and offers global hotkeys for remote playback control.

There are many more small improvements to Airfoil, but the Chromecast support is the real star. After hundreds of user requests, and many months of work, we're thrilled to be able to provide this much-desired feature in a free update to Airfoil 5.

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Airfoil requires MacOS 10.9 or higher, with a free fully-functional trial available on the Rogue Amoeba site. While in trial mode, noise is overlaid on all transmissions longer than 10 minutes.

This is a free update for all owners of Airfoil 5. New users can purchase the full version of Airfoil for Mac for just $29, while a heavily discounted upgrade of just $15 is available to all customers who've previously purchased Airfoil for Mac 4 or below.

For more, see Rogue Amoeba's online store.


Airfoil in action, sending Spotify

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