For Immediate Release July 12th, 2018

Farrago 1.2 Adds MIDI Support and More!

Rogue Amoeba's great new soundboard app is now even more powerful!

Boston, MA - Rogue Amoeba's newest app, the soundboard tool Farrago, has just reached version 1.2. This new update brings several improvements, most notably full support for MIDI devices. Audio pros will be thrilled to be able to control their soundboard app with their existing MIDI hardware. The 1.2 update also offers the ability to edit settings on multiple tiles at once, add notes to Sets, and more. Read on!

What's New in Farrago 1.2

Farrago 1.2 contains several major new updates:

MIDI Playback Control

Farrago's new MIDI support provides the ability to control soundboards with any MIDI device. That means playback of any and all tiles in Farrago can now be triggered via MIDI. Support for MIDI devices was one of our most-requested features, and we're delighted to provide it for our users.

Global Control via MIDI

In addition to controlling playback of specific tiles, Farrago offers MIDI control of overall playback, fades, and volumes. Users can put Farrago in the background, and take charge of their entire soundboard right from their MIDI hardware device.

Multi-Tile Editing

With Farrago's new multi-tile editing, it's now a breeze to update settings in bulk. When two (or more) tiles are selected, their shared settings can be edited in the Inspector. Now, it's easy to rapidly change the color of a group of tiles, adjust their playback settings, and more.

Much More

Of course, there are also plenty of smaller fixes and improvements. We've added keyboard shortcuts for the master volume control, improved Sets by adding Notes, and even refined our VoiceOver labels to assist our visually impaired users. 

Since its release, Farrago has helped thousands of podcasters, theater techs, and live performers with their on-demand audio needs. The Mac's newest soundboard continues to get better and better, and the best version yet is available for download now.

If you missed Farrago's initial release back in January, take a literal minute to watch our introductory video.

Information & Links

Farrago runs on Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and higher, with a free fully-functional trial available for download. While in trial mode, the quality of clips heard via Farrago is intentionally degraded after 20 plays (per launch).

The unrestricted full version of Farrago is regularly priced at $49, but is currently discounted to just $39 as an introductory promotion. That pricing is only available until the end of July, so users should act now!

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MIDI in Farrago
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Multi-Tile Editing with Farrago
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