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For Immediate Release November 2, 2023

Turn Speech Into Text With Audio Hijack 4.3’s New Transcribe Block

Boston, MA - Rogue Amoeba’s flagship recording tool Audio Hijack has a new superpower: transcription!

Using the new Transcribe block, it’s now possible to quickly and easily turn spoken audio into a written transcript. Transcribe is powered by OpenAI’s automatic speech recognition system Whisper, which can turn an astonishing 57 languages into text.

Unlike traditional transcription services, there’s no per-minute charge. With Audio Hijack and Transcribe, you can generate unlimited transcriptions, all at no additional cost to your wallet or your privacy. That’s because all transcription takes place locally on your Mac. Audio data is never sent to the cloud, nor shared with anyone else.

From podcasters looking to create transcripts for their audiences to workers who want searchable records of meetings held via Zoom, Transcribe is sure to prove incredibly useful.

Get full details from the Audio Hijack 4.3 blog post.

We hope you’ll share the news of Audio Hijack’s new transcription capabilities where appropriate. If you’d like a free review copy of the app, or you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email.

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Three new audio effects
New Speech Denoise Effect
New Parametric EQ Effect
New FIR Filter Effect

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