The Mac’s Best Soundboard App, Now Even Better

After over two years of development, Farrago 2 is here, with over 75 new features and improvements. Look over this page for an overview of what’s new, then download Farrago today.

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Enhanced Playback

Preview Your Audio

Use a secondary device for previewing before sending audio to your main output. Once configured, you can use the “Preview” option in the “Tile” menu to test your audio.

Immediate Solo

Need to stop all other playback, and start a new sound? Just hold Control as you trigger a tile.

Escape (esc) Key Protector

To prevent accidental playback stoppage, the Escape key now requires a press-and-hold of 300 milliseconds to stop playback.

Fade Updates

Per-tile fade controls have been replaced by the new editor’s fade options, which permit all manner of fades.

Distortion Prevention

To avoid distortion when playing multiple tiles, Farrago now includes a digital limiter to keep levels in check.

New sample sets

Farrago’s sample sets are a great way to start using the app. We’ve included 20 fantastic new songs for all manner of moods, as well as updated sound effects.

Built-In Audio Editing

Farrago now includes an editor built right in to each tile. After you add a sound, you can edit it by trimming it down and adding fades. Get exactly the sound you want, right within Farrago. Of course, if you need more powerful editing, we recommend our stand-alone audio editor Fission.

Powerful Search

Powerful Tile Search

Use the helpful new search field to highlight matching tiles in the current set and show results from other sets as well.

Freesound Integration

To locate new sounds for your use, search the wonderful database right inside Farrago. Preview and download to your library for immediate use.

GarageBand & Logic Pro Integration

If you’ve got Apple’s music apps installed, Farrago can also offer up Apple Loops in its search results. Use them right in Farrago.

Supercharged Sets

Smart Sets

Create dynamically updating sets controlled by powerful rules. Organize based on titles, settings, play count, and more.

Lockable Sets

Lock sets to prevent accidental edits and changes. For even stronger protection in shared environments, set a password to prevent unauthorized changes.

Favorites Set

Mark a tile as a Favorite, then find it in the automatically created “Favorites” smart set. Use Favorites in custom smart sets too.

Stand-Alone Set Windows

Sets can now be popped opened in separate windows within Farrago, with keyboard shortcuts always applied to the front-most window.

Two Types of Automation

Shortcuts Support

On MacOS 12 (Monterey) and higher, Farrago now provides a slew of integrations in the Shortcuts app. Automate your usage of Farrago by setting volumes, fading between sounds, and controlling playback.

Trigger Shortcuts

You can also now trigger any Shortcut in the Shortcuts app, right from Farrago. Trigger a Shortcut when a tile plays or stops, when a set is selected, or even on app launch.

Advanced Hardware Control

Stream Deck

You can now use Stream Deck hardware from Elgato to directly control Farrago. Easily trigger sound effects, switch sets, and control other audio elements with just a touch.

OSC Support

The new Open Sound Control (OSC) support offers substantial remote control capabilities. Control Farrago from an iPad or iPhone using apps like TouchOSC.

MIDI Improvements

MIDI support in Farrago is now more refined, with additional dedicated mappings and better support for toggle buttons.

Interface and Usability

On-Tile Emoji Art

Add emoji to tile faces so you can locate your desired sounds at a glance.

Audio meters

Helpful level meters can now be found in the main window’s LCD and within each tile.

A Smarter Main Window

Farrago’s (Command-0) main window shortcut now works better. If the window is in the background, the shortcut pulls it forward. Otherwise, it simply toggles visibility.

Better Sizing

It’s now possible to see many more tiles on screen. Farrago’s minimum size has also shrunk, to fit on even the smallest Mac displays.

Better Resizing, Too

Tiles now grow more intelligently, to better use screen space. Controls also grow when space is available and automatic sizing of tile titles has been made smarter.

Full VoiceOver Support

VoiceOver users, we're ready for you! We work hard to ensure our apps are accessible to users with vision impairments, and Farrago 2 is no exception.

So Much More...

Enhanced Now Playing Area

The “Now Playing” bubbles at the top of are now both more functional and more attractive.

Better Volume Sliders

Farrago’s volume sliders have been improved, with the slider now unmuting when the thumb is moved.

Expanded Preferences

Farrago’s Settings/Preferences window has been updated with many new options.

Play to Specific Channels

Audio can now be set to use specific device channels, rather than just the device’s default stereo pair.

Updated Contextual Menus

The per-tile contextual menu, accessible by Control-clicking, now includes playback controls.

Contextual Menus for Sets

The Sets list now offers a powerful contextual menu, accessible by Control-clicking.

Easier Set Renaming

Double-click a set in the Sets list to automatically select the “Set Name” field for fast renaming.

Easier List Sorting

Re-sort the Sets list via the keyboard. Press Option-up or Option-down to move a highlighted set in the list.

Import Multiple Sets

Import multiple sets at once via the “Import Set” menu option, as well as drag and drop from the Finder.

Drag to Export

Sets can now be exported by dragging and dropping them out of the Sets list.

Export All Sets at Once

Hold Option when the “Sound Set” menu is open to access a new “Export All Sets” option.

Safer Set Deleting

Farrago now confirms the deletion of sets to prevent inadvertent data loss.

More Colorful Inspector

The Inspector now uses the tile’s color for highlights, rather than the default purple.

Informative Tooltips

Controls in the Inspector now feature helpful tooltips.

Improved Multi-Selection

The Inspector now visually shows which options are available when multiple tiles are selected.

Metadata Sharing

Farrago now provides better metadata to other Rogue Amoeba apps.

Descriptive Undo/Redo

“Undo” and “Redo” actions now detail what action will occur.

Voice Memos Integration

It’s now possible to drag files from Voice Memos (and other apps) directly into Farrago.

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Farrago 2.0.7
For MacOS 11 to MacOS 14