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Developing our consumer audio products has provided us with code that can be leveraged by other businesses to assist with their audio needs. The following technology is available for commercial licensing.


Rogue Amoeba's ARK-SDK is a MacOS-based technology which makes it easy to capture and process audio. Capture audio from running applications, the entire system, or complex multi-device setups - ARK-SDK will handle it all. ARK-SDK also makes it far easier to create your Mac audio application, greatly simplifying dealing with audio on MacOS.


The powerful audio capture functionality found in ARK-SDK underpins several of our most popular products, including Audio Hijack and Loopback. This same audio capture functionality can be used to provide audio that enhances screen recordings, VNC/remote access, game streaming, and much more.

In addition, ARK-SDK simplifies and speeds up the development of Mac applications, while also providing superior latency and enhanced reliability to all your audio processing. It can take months to iron out all the edge cases, bugs, and performance issues in traditional CoreAudio-based applications. With ARK-SDK, you can instead leverage our experience and expertise to get audio flowing immediately.

With over two decades’ worth of development behind it, ARK-SDK is a battle-tested solution to allow your Mac application to capture and process any audio source.

ARK-SDK is provided as an SDK with an Objective-C interface and documentation, with sample code provided in both Objective-C and Swift. ARK-SDK supports MacOS 11 and up.

Key Features

  • Capture audio from applications with just a few lines of code (as seen in “Example Code” below)
  • Capture audio from devices with rock-solid reliability, even with uncommon hardware setups
  • Ridiculously easy to setup and use
  • Low-latency

Application Capture Features

  • Takes all the complexity out of capturing application audio
  • Automatically handles all multi-process applications like Safari and Chrome
  • Target applications by their name, process ID or bundle ID

Audio Device Capture Features

  • Simplified API to query device list / default input / default output
  • Simplified API to notify of device list changes
  • Simplified API to serialize / deserialize devices
  • Automatic handling of device disconnection/reconnection (devices just work, no worrying about their state)
  • Automatic handling of "economical" USB devices that mis-identify themselves

Audio Pipeline Features

  • Specifiable frame counts and sample rates (or automatic)
  • Sample rate and frame count guaranteed stable while running (even if user changes device base rate)
  • Simple API to process any number of devices, (inputs, outputs, or a mix of both), within the same session

Example Code

Application Capture

Audio Device Processing and Play-Thru

Capture, Mix, and Process Application and Device Audio

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