Licensing Rogue Amoeba's Resonate SDK

Simplified audio processing

Licensing Resonate

The Resonate framework provides a greatly simplified method of dealing with audio on MacOS. It's intended to simplify and speed up the development of Mac applications, while providing superior latency and enhanced reliability to all your audio processing. Resonate can be used in any audio processing application on the Mac.

Resonate can dramatically reduce the time required to get up to speed processing audio on MacOS. Traditional CoreAudio-based applications can take months to iron out all the edge cases, bugs, and performance issues. With Resonate, you can instead leverage our years of experience to get audio flowing immediately.

Resonate's audio handling powers the daily workflows of thousands of users, inside of Rogue Amoeba applications like Loopback and SoundSource.

The following is just a partial list of what Resonate offers:

Key Features

  • Ridiculously easy to use
  • Rock-solid reliability, even with uncommon systems and devices
  • Low-latency
  • Solves the edge cases (so you don't have to)

Device Management

  • Simple API to query device list / default input / default output
  • Simple API to notify of device list changes
  • Simple API to serialize / deserialize devices
  • Automatic handling of device disconnection/reconnection (devices just work, no worrying about their state)
  • Automatic handling of "economical" USB devices that mis-identify themselves


  • Simple API for common properties (name, channel counts, preferred stereo channels, etc.)
  • Easy setting/getting of things like sample rate, volume, muting, etc.


  • Specifiable frame counts (or automatic)
  • Specifiable sample rates (or automatic)
  • Sample rate and frame count guaranteed stable while running (even if user changes device base rate)
  • Simple API to process any number of devices, (inputs, outputs, or a mix of both), within the same context
  • Automatic handling of default system devices and preferred stereo channels
  • Specifiable channel processing (only deal with the channels you want, no buffer parsing required)
  • Devices coming & going don’t abort audio processing
  • Missing devices and channels produce silence

Resonate is provided as an SDK with an Objective-C interface and documentation, and supports MacOS 10.13 and up.

If you're interested in licensing Resonate for your product, contact us for more information.

Code Samples

Play-thru with easy device management:

Process raw audio samples as simple as:

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