Notes on Audio Hijack's Broadcast block

With Audio Hijack's Broadcast block, you can send audio to an internet streaming server for global listening. The Broadcast block is perfect for running livecasts of podcast recordings, as well as powering internet radio streams, and live streaming DJ sets.

To get started, just add a Broadcast block to your Session. You'll then be able to stream your audio to an external server. Be sure to see the “Broadcast Block” page of the Audio Hijack manual (found in the app's Help menu) for more details.

Streaming audio services

Using the Broadcast block requires an external streaming server to which listeners can connect. Once you configure Broadcast to send audio out to an external server, listeners will be able to tune in to it to hear your audio.

Technically inclined broadcasters can run a self-hosted Shoutcast or Icecast server. Alternately, you can purchase service from a streaming host. Find a hosting service by searching for “Shoutcast hosting” or “Icecast hosting”.

There are many streaming host services you can use to broadcast. These provided helpful instructions for using their service with Audio Hijack:

Streaming metadata

The Broadcast block can embed metadata into your audio stream, to be shown to listeners when they tune in. For more details on metadata and Audio Hijack, please see the support article entitled “Showing metadata when streaming with Audio Hijack”.

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