The Loopback screenshot gallery

Loopback has been in development since 2016, with versions for OS X 10.9 and higher. Below, you can see screenshots of Loopback through the years.

Visit Rogue Amoeba’s Historic Screenshot Archive to see many more images of our apps over time.

Loopback 1.0.0

Released January 11, 2016

When Loopback was released in January of 2016, we weren’t entirely sure how to pitch it. We knew it was powerful, but explaining that power in marketing materials felt difficult. Fortunately, smart users figured out the product, and made it a success.

Loopback 1.2.0

Released May 4, 2018

Loopback 1 received two major updates. Version 1.1 (released December 7, 2016, but not pictured) added nested devices. Version 1.2, pictured here, improved volume controls. At this time, we were already hard at work on a greatly revamped version 2.

Loopback 2.0.0

Released November 30, 2018

Though Loopback 1 was fully functional, its interface was intentionally utilitarian. Even before it was released, our thinking was that we would overhaul the interface to be friendlier if the product gained traction.

That’s exactly what we did in version 2 in 2018. The wire-based interface echoed Audio Hijack 3, providing a much clearer look at how audio will flow.

Loopback 2.1.0

Released September 16, 2019

In Loopback 2.1, we added support for the Mac’s “Dark Mode”, by providing two distinct themes, one light and one dark. With this change, the Preferences window finally gained a second setting.

Loopback 2.2.0

Released December 14, 2020

Loopback 2.2 shipped on December 2020 with initial support for Apple’s new Apple Silicon-based Macs. It was also the first version to respect the user-specified system-wide “Accent” color on MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) and up, as well as Big Sur's new “Multicolor” option (using an appropriate, app-specific green).

See What Loopback Looks Like Now

See what Loopback looks like currently by visiting the Loopback product page and downloading the latest version.

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