Accessing additional third-party Audio Units

Working with Audio Units

In addition to adjusting audio with its own built-in effects, SoundSource makes it possible for you to use Audio Unit plugins on any audio, including third-party Audio Unit plugins you've installed on your Mac. SoundSource will find Audio Units in two locations:

  • /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components
  • ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components

To use an Audio Unit with SoundSource, just install it in either of those locations. When a compatible audio effect-type Audio Unit is installed, SoundSource will include it in the menu shown when clicking Add Effect for either the System Output device, or a per-application adjustment.

It's worth mentioning that SoundSource does not load non-effect Audio Units, such as instruments or generators, as they are a poor fit for how SoundSource handles audio.

Blocked third-party Audio Units

Unfortunately, since initially releasing SoundSource 4, we've discovered that certain third-party Audio Unit plugins can cause problems. To avoid any difficulty or performance issues caused by these problematic plugins, SoundSource 4.1 and later blocks certain plugins by default:

  • IK Multimedia's ARC

  • iZotope's Ozone

  • TC Electronic's Clarity M

We'll continue to evaluate these plugins in the future, to see if they're improved to the point where we feel confident offering full support for them.

Restoring access to blocked third-party plugins

We don't recommend using the above-listed plugins with SoundSource. However, if you wish, you can restore access to these plugins through SoundSource's hidden preferences.

To access this window:

1) Quit SoundSource, then relaunch it while holding down the Option key. This will bring up the debugging window (shown in the screenshot above).

2) Enable the Show blocked third-party Audio Units checkbox, and then click Done.

Once this setting is turned back on, any previously blocked third-party Audio Units will be available in SoundSource. While their use isn't officially supported, if you need to use them we hope you'll find they work for you.

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