Using SoundSource with VoiceOver

SoundSource offers full keyboard control over its entire interface, with every control easily tabbed to and interacted with. This is helpful for sighted users, but it's even more useful for our visually impaired users. As with all our software, we've worked hard to make SoundSource accessible to VoiceOver users. Every element of the application is labeled helpfully, and fully navigable using the traditional VoiceOver features of the Mac. Read on for quick hints on using SoundSource with VoiceOver.

Basic navigation

SoundSource layout is logically configured for use with VoiceOver, and all of the app's controls can be accessed using nothing more than the Tab key. By repeatedly pressing Tab, you can move from the very top of the window (the “Pin” button) all the way to the “Add App” control at the bottom of the window. Controls are ordered just like text is on screen, from left to right, top to bottom, and each press of the tab key navigates you to the next available control. When you reach the end of the loop, you are returned back to the start.

Additional keyboard navigation tips

To quickly access SoundSource, be sure to assign the “Show SoundSource” global hotkey in SoundSource's Preferences. Once you have, you can bring SoundSource into focus with a single key command.

When SoundSource is in focus, you can use all of its keyboard controls to adjust your settings. The “Keyboard Controls” page of the SoundSource Manual provides more details, so be sure to give it a read.