SoundSource and other audio adjusters

SoundSource and other audio adjustment software

For simplicity's sake, we suggest SoundSource users disable other system-wide audio adjustment software, such as “Boom” or “menuBUS”. To manipulate audio, these applications use their own virtual audio devices (named “BoomAudio” and “menuBUS” respectively), which may not work as expected in conjunction with SoundSource.

That said, you can run SoundSource alongside these apps, as SoundSource specifically works to avoid any interference between them.


System output

When one of the aforementioned virtual audio devices is available on your system, it will be listed in SoundSource's Output device selector. If such a device is selected as the default, however, SoundSource will show a ⚠️ warning indicator and display this message:

As the message above states, when audio is being sent to one of these virtual audio devices, SoundSource will not apply any audio effects to it. The volume control and sample rate controls will continue to work, but other audio adjustments from SoundSource will not occur. This prevents audio from being manipulated multiple times, which is likely to lead to unexpected and undesirable results.

Per-application outputs

The virtual audio devices used by other system-wide audio adjustment software to manipulate audio are incompatible with SoundSource's per-application redirection. Because of this, SoundSource simply omits those virtual audio devices from its output selectors for individual applications.

Worth mentioning, all adjustments made on a per-application basis will still work as expected if a virtual audio device is set as the system output.