Completely uninstalling and removing Loopback

When Loopback is first launched, it will install both the ACE audio capture component needed to pull in audio, and a background component which keeps its virtual audio devices available at all times, even if the main Loopback app isn’t running.

If you wish to uninstall and remove Loopback completely, be sure to use the Uninstall ACE option in the Loopback menu of the app itself. If you instead just delete the Loopback application from your Mac without running the uninstaller, Loopback's virtual devices will remain.

If you've already deleted the Loopback application and are attempting to remove its virtual devices, you'll need to re-download Loopback from this link. Open Loopback, then run the Uninstall ACE option in the Loopback menu.

Once you've completed the steps in the uninstaller process, all Loopback devices on your system will be removed and the software will be fully uninstalled. You can then delete Loopback from your Mac.

A note for users of other products powered by ACE

As mentioned, Loopback's uninstaller will remove the ACE component which provides audio capture for many products on the Mac. If you use other products which are powered by ACE, you’ll see a warning during the uninstallation process:

Uninstaller warning regarding the removal of ACE

If you do indeed wish to remove Loopback, complete the uninstaller by clicking the Uninstall Anyway button. ACE will reinstall the next time you launch any of our other apps.