Installing & Uninstalling

Installing Audio Hijack

As you're reading this manual, it's likely you've already successfully installed Audio Hijack. Still, in the interest of being comprehensive, the following is the entirety of the installation procedure for Audio Hijack.

Drag Audio Hijack from your download folder to the Applications folder, then double-click its icon to begin using it. Audio Hijack will then walk you through the necessary process to install the ACE (Audio Capture Engine) backend, which is required for the application to function.

Uninstalling Audio Hijack

If you wish to remove Audio Hijack, we'd certainly like to know why! You can contact us directly to provide feedback. We're always working to improve our products, so don't hesitate to tell us what was missing or didn't work for you.

To remove Audio Hijack, first select Uninstall ACE from the Audio Hijack menu. You'll be walked through the process to remove Audio Hijack's Audio Capture Engine (ACE) backend from the system.

After that, you can quit Audio Hijack and drag the application to the Trash.

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