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The perfect Airfoil companion

Airfoil Satellite is an audio receiver and remote control for Airfoil. With Airfoil Satellite, any Apple TV can become part of your whole-house streaming audio setup.

See Airfoil Satellite in Action

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See metadata and control playback right from the Apple TV.

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Switch the source being streamed. Toggle outputs on and off.

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Adjust volume levels for individual outputs.

Key Features

Receive Any Audio

Run Airfoil Satellite on your Apple TV, and you can receive any audio streamed by Airfoil for Mac.

Remote Airfoil Control

Toggle outputs on and off, adjust volumes, and even switch sources. It's full Airfoil control, right from your TV!

Playback Control, Too

Remotely control playback of select sources, including Spotify, iTunes, and many more.

Reverse Connect

Initiate connections back to Airfoil from within Airfoil Satellite, so you can start receiving audio remotely.

Looking Sharp

Metadata, including track titles and album art from supported sources, is shown right in Airfoil Satellite.

Works With HomePods

Hear audio streamed to your Apple TV, even when a HomePod or HomePod Stereo Pair is set as the default output device.

Get Airfoil Satellite for Apple TV

Airfoil Satellite for Apple TV 2.0.0
(February 4, 2022)
Release Notes
For tvOS 10.0 or higher


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