For Immediate Release April 3rd, 2020

Start Live Streaming With Audio Hijack 3.7

Boston, MA - Today, Rogue Amoeba is unveiling an all-new live streaming feature in the latest release of Audio Hijack. Audio Hijack has long been the premier tool for audio recording on the Mac, but now, it's a fantastic streaming tool as well.

With the new Live Stream block in Audio Hijack 3.7, it's easy to transmit audio to services using the Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP). With just a few clicks, users can get a free stream up and running with YouTube Live, Twitch, Periscope, and many more.

Live Stream in Audio Hijack

As people have been confined to their homes the world over, we've received extensive user requests to make live streaming available in Audio Hijack. Originally planned for Audio Hijack 4, Live Streaming "beta" is shipping as a free update to all Audio Hijack 3 users. We’re pleased to be able to provide musicians, DJs, and other content creators with a powerful way to share and monetize their work.

Full Details on Our Blog

For more information on Audio Hijack 3.7 and the new Live Stream block, please head over to our blog post at

Audio Hijack Overview

Audio Hijack is a powerful utility focused on recording any audio on MacOS. If it can be heard on MacOS, Audio Hijack can record it. Since 2002, Audio Hijack has helped hundreds of thousands of users record podcasts, VoIP calls, web streams, and much more.

The Audio Hijack section of our Press Kit provides a great overview of the product, and our main Audio Hijack page is helpful as well.

Audio Hijack runs on MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) and higher, with a free, fully-functional trial available for download. A license to unlock the full version of Audio Hijack costs just $59.

About Rogue Amoeba

Rogue Amoeba develops phenomenally useful audio tools for MacOS. Our products include the popular recording tool Audio Hijack, home audio streamer Airfoil, and more. Since our founding in 2002, we've helped millions of users and earned some of the highest honors in the industry. 

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