For Immediate Release April 17th, 2020

Farrago 1.5 Adds a Powerful List Mode and Much More

Boston, MA - Today, Rogue Amoeba is shipping a major update to our popular soundboard app Farrago, with over 30 new features and improvements. Since it first shipped in 2018, Farrago has become the premier soundboard app for Mac, used by thousands of podcasters and other performers. With this massive update, the robust, rapid-fire playback tool is better than ever.

The most visible change in Farrago 1.5 is the overhauled List mode. Farrago's List mode helps run linear performances, from well-planned podcasts to theater shows and other live events. Audio clips can be laid out in order, reference notes can be attached, and it can all be played in sequence. With the powerful additions found in List mode, Farrago is a perfect tool for running shows of all sorts.

Farrago's new List mode

Of course, there's much more to find in Farrago 1.5. That includes a powerful new Master Volume control that enables instant ducking, enhanced MIDI controls with support for sliders and knobs, and improved interactions throughout the entire app. Farrago 1.5 takes the best Mac soundboard app, and makes it even better. 

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Farrago Overview

Farrago is a soundboard application offering robust, rapid-fire playback of audio for use in podcasts and live performances. Farrago provides users with the ability to instantly trigger playback of songs, audio clips, and sound effects with just a key press or mouse click.

The Farrago section of our Press Kit provides a great overview of the product, and our main Farrago page is helpful as well.

Farrago runs on MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) and higher, with a free, fully-functional trial available for download. A license to unlock the full version of Farrago costs just $49.

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